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Lighting May 19, 2021

K Light Presents A New Range of LED Acrylic Ceiling Fittings

Your ceiling is the fifth wall in the room and should not be neglected. One way to ensure that your ceiling stands out in true style is with beautiful lighting that makes a statement. This is why we love the latest range of LED Acrylic Ceiling Fittings from K Light. This range offers beautiful, statement lighting for any room.

At one point, ceiling lights were added to a room as an afterthought once the layout and design were already complete. Today we know more than ever before that lighting is a powerful way to enhance your design. In fact, many designers now pick their lighting as one of their first elements which may even inspire the rest of the room. Lighting should therefore be one of your top considerations in the overall look of a space.

The new LED Acrylic Ceiling Range from K Light is a beautiful, timeless collection. The range consists of six different designs in optional sizes and colour choices with a very competitive price. The unique Sparkle and Crystal Sand options create a subtle shimmering effect. It’s a great way to add elegance and illumination – in one defined piece.

View this and other superior lighting options at K Light.



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