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Want To Make Your Own Furniture? Here Are The Tools You Need

Furniture design is a common practice for many designers and can be seen in various forms. Sometimes, it’s a hobby to some, and to others, it’s the sole source of their livelihoods. If you are looking to get into this field as well there is an enormous amount of different types of tools available in the market and deciding which ones will best suit your needs can be difficult. Therefore, whether you’re just starting out or have been working with woodworking tools for years, here is a guide for some of what you will need.

A Track Saw 

The best tool to have would be a track saw. While you can use jigs and other clamps for this purpose, nothing does the trick better than a track saw. 

These types of saws are especially useful when making curved cuts on large pieces of lumber like plywood. With this, you can do rip cuts of all the lumber that you cut down and create precise angles. Particularly for DIYers, track saws are very versatile and can cut across the grain or with it. In addition, this is also very customizable and you can create your own tracks but there are tracks available for purchase as well if needed. 

A Power Drill 

The next tool on the list is a power drill. Since most projects require holes to be chopped out, this will play a large role in your design work. For smaller holes and screws, you can use an electric screwdriver but for larger holes like those used for dowel rods or making openings for electrical wiring, you will need a more powerful drill. 

Therefore, whether it’s a corded, rechargeable, or battery-powered option; you should have some type of power drill on hand. 

A Router Table Set 

One of the most popular pieces of furniture these days is bookshelves and they require an intricate design that uses several different tools to make them look right. That’s why you should get a router table set because it can help create various designs and styles easily and quickly without having any problems whatsoever. 

You can adjust the blade and use different types of bits to create designs that are intricate and complex even making your own custom bookshelves. 

A Claw Hammer 

A claw hammer is used to make small dents and marks on wood but can also be used for making paint chips when you are making your own furniture. Whether it’s an old nail from the wall or a brand new one, you will need to use this tool to create various sizes of dents in order to have that distressed look right. 

They may not seem like much but if you’re making custom pieces of furniture, these little tools will help create a beautiful finished product. 

A Tape Measure 

For making custom pieces of furniture, you will need to measure out each piece carefully in order for it to fit and look right. Therefore, having a durable tape measure that can extend up to 13 feet will help you get precise measurements without making errors or mistakes. 

A Good Quality Power Planer 

A power planer is one of the most important tools you will need because it can smooth out uneven surfaces making the wood look more appealing in the process. This comes in particularly handy when making furniture or wood projects from scratch as you may notice mistakes after making them which a good quality power planer can fix. In addition, you can also get an electric planer to save time but if not, hand-held models work just fine. 

After using this equipment for a while, you will become familiar with how it works and be able to make necessary adjustments when needed.


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