Hardware Décorative

Hardware Décorative

Stepping Up to the Next Level with Stairs

SA Décor - April 15, 2018

A feature staircase can become a statement of style within a modern home. We love the creativity displayed in innovative stairwells – from the shapes, …

Eclipse: Nifty New Kitchen Gadgets For a Cleaner Prep Area

SA Décor - April 12, 2018

The kitchen can get pretty crowded and messy when we’re in the heat of preparing a hearty meal for the family. With Eclipse, you can now invest in qua …

Inspired By Concrete

SA Décor - April 11, 2018

Exposed concrete has moved on from being just an architectural industrial material to a source of inspiration for interior finishes. The urban materia …

Go Bold With A Colourful Front Door

SA Décor - April 4, 2018

When you first step up to a house, what’s the first thing you notice? Besides the curb appeal and garden leading up to the front steps, a showstopper …

Plascon House Tour: Contemporary Melbourne Living

SA Décor - March 24, 2018

It’s hard to believe that today’s stylish Melbourne home was once a Range Rover Factory. Today it is beautifully elegant and functional as a family ab …

Plascon House Tour: Victorian Terrace

SA Décor - March 23, 2018

A monochrome delight, today’s home is beautiful in simplicity and boasts a real sense of tranquil family living that flows from the Victorian doorway …

Plascon House: Living in a Beach House

SA Décor - March 22, 2018

This isolated beachfront property is located in the Western Cape of South Africa and boasts uninterrupted sea views of an unspoilt beach. Neutral simp …

Swartland: Crazy About Cornices

SA Décor - March 22, 2018

Swartland, a leading supplier of a wide range of products to the building industry, has recently launched a new range of polystyrene cornices. We spea …

Plascon House Tour: A Cosmopolitan Retreat

SA Décor - March 21, 2018

This light-filled residence underwent a full renovation to connect the indoor spaces with a gorgeous tropical garden that adds to the style and cosmop …

DIY: Paint Your Fridge with Granny B

SA Décor - March 10, 2018

We’re all looking for clever ways to reinvent our everyday furniture and appliances. In the kitchen, your old refrigerator may be perfectly functional …

Plascon House Tour: A renovated cardboard factory

SA Décor - March 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe that beautiful Scandi home was once a cardboard factory in Sweden. The architecture with high ceilings and concrete pillars hint …

Eclipse: Easy Opening Systems for Wall Cabinets

SA Décor - March 1, 2018

When choosing fittings for your cabinetry, test them out in a showroom to experience the motion firsthand – open, close then decide. Never underestima …

Ironmongery Warehouse: Twist

SA Décor - February 27, 2018

A simple rod with a twist gives life to an unusual handgrip defining an eclectic handle. This is Linea Cali’s Twist, now available locally through Iro …

Plascon House Tour: Charming Australian Abode

SA Décor - February 26, 2018

The minimalist Scandi style of this charming Australian residence is modern and beautiful – complete with muted tones, a playful mix of textures and a …

GrassZA: New Sige Products in Stock

SA Décor - February 26, 2018

GrassZA brings us a whole new range of bespoke Sige products now in stock and available locally in South Africa. About GrassZA: GRASS ZA is positioned …

ITM: KVH Structural Spruce Beams

SA Décor - February 25, 2018

Spruce has been used in Europe for decades as the premier construction timber. It is used primarily for roof construction (i.e. exposed trusses), all …

Supreme Mouldings – Business with Integrity

SA Décor - February 20, 2018

Supreme Mouldings is a South African based and owned manufacturer and distributor of products to the Picture Framing, Décor, Flooring, Shopfitting, an …

Eclipse: Up Your Game With Super Storage Solutions in The Kitchen

SA Décor - February 7, 2018

For optimal workflow and convenience, make full use of your kitchen space with super storage solutions in key areas. Here we share some top tips for o …

Grass: The Seamless Design of K Push Tech

SA Décor - January 31, 2018

For more than sixty years, Grass has been one of the leading international manufacturers of furniture fittings. Taking slide and hinge systems to a wh …

House Tour: Swedish Country

SA Décor - January 18, 2018


Plascon House Tour: Mansion

SA Décor - January 17, 2018

xxx Via

Plascon Home Tour: Casual Home

SA Décor - January 16, 2018

xx Via

Plascon House Tour: Natural Living

SA Décor - January 15, 2018

Today’s home is a celebration of all that is natural – a mix of earthy fabrics and materials in the creation of a calming, light and rustic chic beach …

Plascon House Tour: Beachfront Retreat

SA Décor - January 14, 2018

When you consider beachside properties, you may think about light shades of blue and white, paired with finishes that resemble sea shells and driftwoo …

Plascon House Tour: Studio Living

SA Décor - January 13, 2018

Today’s rustic studio is a celebration of open spaces, brightness and earthy appeal. It is here, in this decidedly simple and minimalist abode that Br …

Plascon House Tour: Monochromatic Wonder

SA Décor - January 12, 2018

Today’s New York townhouse is beautifully simple and captivating in its uncomplex design and elegant style. In a restrained palette of white and black …

Cemcrete: Inside Roxy Burger’s Modern Family Home

SA Décor - January 11, 2018

We all got to know Roxy Burger from her days as a presenter on KTV and M-Net. Since then she’s evolved into a stylish wife, homeowner, and soon-to-be …

Plascon House Tour: Chalet in Aspen

SA Décor - January 11, 2018

It’s a winter wonderland that surrounds our Aspen, Colorado abode where today’s house tour celebrates the real star of the show – snow – for the perfe …

Plascon House Tour: A Loft in Russia

SA Décor - January 8, 2018

A light-filled, earthy and contemporary setting creates a sophisticated ambience in today’s house tour which takes us to a modern loft apartment in Ru …

Get valuable storage space in your kitchen with Eclipse

SA Décor - January 8, 2018

One of the biggest frustrations in the kitchen is not having enough storage space. Regardless of the size or shape of your kitchen, clever design idea …

Plascon House Tour: Escape To Italy

SA Décor - January 7, 2018

In authentic rustic Italian charm, this striking home in Puglia, Italy is a breath of fresh air – the perfect holiday escape! The architecture is typi …

Plascon House Tour: Small Living Spaces

SA Décor - January 6, 2018

The smaller a home, the harder it becomes to create a stylish and functional space that is on trend. However, today’s Swedish house tour proves that i …

Plascon House Tour: Sophisticated Swedish Home

SA Décor - January 5, 2018

Scandinavian inspired design remains characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. These three key elements are evident in this sophistic …

Plascon house Tour: A Playful Interior

SA Décor - January 4, 2018

Today’s bright San Fransisco residence is a feast for the eyes and contains many hidden design gems that add to the overall feel of lived in luxury an …

Plascon House Tour: Eclectic Villa

SA Décor - January 3, 2018

This home is a smorgasbord of old and new; the perfect mix of antique finds and modern design trends that have created a lovely warm, layered residenc …


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