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Masculine interior design ideas for a stylish and handsome home

Updating your home post-divorce? Tips for turning your interior design ideas into reality.

A blog around home styling and interior decorating ideas for single dads and how it can help you turn your bachelor pad into a home.

Let’s be real – not every man wants a Springbok jersey hanging on the wall and a model car collection in a display cabinet.  But, so much of this is marketed towards men as home interior design options that it’s often hard to piece together an alternative look.  Plus, if you’re like most men who are ready to turn a new house or apartment into your home, thinking about what kind of design works for you and your needs, and how you might envision yourself living, can feel overwhelming.

“Not to make a sweeping generalisation, but we’ve found that most of our male clients know what they like and know what they want when it comes to home styling. They just find it challenging to transform their interior design ideas into a comfortable and stylish place to come home to – a living space in which they can flourish with their children,” says Vinette Diab Nicholls, owner of DIYgirls INTERIOR.

In the past decade, single dads have come a long way, scooping up parenting responsibilities that weren’t commonplace before. Today, they enjoy shared custody and field emails from the same room in which their children are doing homework.

As an interior decorator and a mother of two, Vinette has seen that the old cliche “home is where the heart is,” holds deeper truth than we often give credit to. “Single dads want family homes too – a home that is well suited for their children as well as friends.” 

She continues by saying that, with thoughtful interior design, it’s perfectly possible to create a masculine home that combines functionality and great home styling with enough restraint to keep it from looking like a full-blown man cave. “All it takes is a little design know-how.”

Read on for tips to find your way to a mighty fine masculine interior. But, don’t be fooled – this moody and contemporary interior design style is certainly suitable for all genders. 

  1. The Basics of masculine home styling

Masculine interior design is a functional, no-nonsense trend that is about creating a practical living space with natural elements, simple lines and statement features to emphasise the beauty and elegance of the design’s simplicity.  While the style is open to interpretation and doesn’t necessarily need to be manly, the trend calls for comfort and smart minimalism, with a focus on deep and rich colours, large and comfortable furnishings, strong materials, bold lines and sharp details.

2. Top interior Colour Schemes

This home interior design trend is all about deep, rich, dark hues that create an elegant and sophisticated backdrop.  While a pallet of ash tones as well as black and white are deal stealers when it comes to masculine interior design, it’s not all about monotone colours.  Opting for colours like royal blue, forest green, mat gold, amber or mocha will add interest, while you’re creating that masculine foundation. To soften the look, simply introduce brighter accent colours like terracotta or blush pink, as we did with the Habitat Scatter Cushions (diygirls.co.za) in this guest bedroom.

3. Minimalist interior design and raw materials 

Stone, wrought iron and stainless steel are commonly mixed and matched to create the feeling of industrial functionality while warmth, comfort and simple elegance is added with wood and leather.  Focusing on a few key elements is all you need to create the look.  The bedside table in this master bedroom is a real style icon, while the Rimpi Woven Black Leather or Tan Leather Bench (diygirls.co.za) introduces interest and character against the cooler, screed wall.

4. Texture and shape

Ask any interior decorator and they will tell you – It’s all about the texture, shape and pattern when it comes to bringing your masculine interior to life. In fact, these are basic design elements every room needs to boost its style factor and make it look (and feel) rich and luxurious.  For the masculine interior, think clean, simple lines, sharp edges, lots of contrasting textures and patterns – combining stripes with strong geometrics in your soft furnishings or rugs is an easy way to create a well-polished look that boasts interest and life in any space.


5. Accessories 

Dressing up your home with sculptures, vases, vessels and scatter cushions (yes, they aren’t just female torture devices) is key to making your perch warm and comfortable, while keeping the right level of masculinity.

You can also add brass and gold, or some traditional, old or vintage elements to round out your space with class.  Imagine a reclaimed wood coffee table or those treasured first editions that you’ve held onto, as we’ve stacked and combined with other table décor elements on this coffee table.  These imbibe an instant sense of familiarity and “old world” energy, adding a feeling of depth, while giving your home a timeless quality.


6. Wall art

As much as a blank wall can be fabulous in its minimalist essence, the right piece of art will create style and can encourage conversation.  While understanding which art pieces to choose and how to contrast them with your space can be challenging – black and white photography or prints are a fail-proof option that suits almost any room. Our only prerequisite is good quality prints with a striking frame, as is seen here with the Block Art Multi (diygirls.co.za)

7. Greenery

Regardless the style of your home, greenery is a sure way to brighten up a space and literally (and figuratively) add life to your home.  If you have an empty space you don’t want to fuss too much about, get a plant that will grow wild and free, like a Monstera deliciosa (shown here). This type of plant is a huge favourite when it comes to indoor plants as it requires very little care and creates instant character as the leaes grow out in an irregular shape. It’s a perfect way to bring the outside in and to cover those awkward spaces where you cannot (or do not) want to fit any furniture.

With these foolproof tips from the interior decorator team at DIYgirls, you’re one step closer to achieving a living space with some on-trend masculine energy, that’s fit for both men and women alike.


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