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Aug 16, 2019

A Contemporary Take on Face Brick in the Kitchen

A Contemporary Take on Face Brick in the Kitchen

Image featuring Corobrik Roan Satin Face Brick

From farmhouse and Scandinavian to rustic and industrial kitchens, we’ve seen face brick slip seamlessly into a number of diverse design styles. But what does this magical masonry material look like in current-day kitchens?

Let’s examine the three designs below to get a fresh perspective on face brick in the kitchen.

Bridging Outer And Inner Spaces

Image courtesy of David Barbour

Contemporary kitchens are using new and interesting techniques to achieve a bright, open and spacious feel. One such technique involves unifying interior and exteriors spaces. As seen in the above design, the dark brown face brick, used in the home’s exterior, is carried through in the exposed kitchen wall. This technique becomes even more effective with the use of an angled skylight, which draws attention outward – giving occupants a chance to notice the design continuity. Additionally, the skylight creates the illusion of added height.

Grey Indulgence

Image courtesy of Eldorado Stone

If there’s one colour that contemporary kitchens can’t have enough of its grey! This subtle and sophisticated shade should not be used sparingly. Be it appliances, fittings, flooring or exposed brick walls, don’t be scared to dabble in the different depths of grey (Pssst…Corobrik’s Titanium Satin grey face brick would look gorgeous in the kitchen).

Contrasting Textures

 Image featuring Corobrik Firelight Satin Travertine

When it comes to textural elements in present day kitchens, the pairing of rough and smooth surfaces seems to be a winner. We love how this kitchen appears sleek and refined yet warm and authentic with its smooth concrete flooring and rough, burnt red brick island.

What are your thoughts on face brick in the kitchen? Is there such a thing as too much? Do you like the look of plastered brick or exposed brick? Leave your responses in the comment box below.




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