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Apr 21, 2019

Brick Flooring: A New Favourite Under Our Feet 

Brick Flooring: A New Favourite Under Our Feet 


Image courtesy of Shannon Sorrells

If ever there were a time to reconsider your choice of flooring materials, it’s now. With brick flooring making its way into the homes of design enthusiasts and trend-setters across the globe, it’s quickly becoming clear that clay brick has much to offer underfoot.

Whether you choose rustic, modern, eclectic or country as your interior style, you’ll most definitely fall in love with the unique and warm charm of this low-maintenance flooring material.

Browse through Corobrik’s selection of brick flooring designs below to see the bare beauty that you could add to your home.

  1. Country Charm


Classic comfort paired with laid-back living is what this design is all about. As one of the most well used areas of the home, the lounge is the perfect place to install a low-maintenance material like clay brick.


Get The Look: You could use Corobrik’s Ironstone Paver to recreate this brick flooring.


2. Old World Elegance

Image courtesy of Chris Cloete Photography

 Adding to that aged but established look of old-world style, this brick flooring couldn’t look more romantic! But besides its timeless look, the practical appeal of having a heat-retaining material in the bathroom, that’s easy on bare feet in winter, is hard to ignore.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Cederberg Paver would work fantastically with this design!

3. A Mudroom Must-Have

Image courtesy of Lands End Development

 Brick flooring just makes sense when it comes to an area like a mud room – where messy floors are inevitable. What better material to mask dirty foot prints!

Get The Look: Try using Corobrik’s Tuscan Blend Paver to create this gorgeous flooring.

Can’t wait to install brick flooring in your home? Visit www.corobrik.co.za to source your perfect flooring material from a wide range of clay brick paver textures and colours.

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