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Feb 7, 2020

Good Morning From Germany

Guten Morgen from Germany. We’re so excited to be attending Ambiente in Frankfurt this week and we look forward to some amazing design inspiration to share with all of you. We’ll be bringing you all the latest news and updates from the event – so stay tuned.

We love visiting Frankfurt – the hub of finance and business in Germany… but there are also many other surprises in this city. With such a vast collection of museums, historical buildings and art, this city comes alive in cultural significance. The architecture here is a delight and we love roaming the streets to explore the sights.

If you find yourself in Frankfurt any time soon, there is so much to do and see here. Some of our favourite buildings to see include:

  • The Römer, made of three gabled houses, has remained the city hall of Frankfurt for over 600 years.
  • Haus Wertheim (Wertheim House) was the only timber-framed building in Frankfurt’s old town to survive two wars.
  • Alte Oper Frankfurt was one of the most significant opera houses in the world, premiering operas by Richard Wagner and with Giacomo Puccini and Richard Strauss among the leading performers.
  • Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt – Perhaps the most beautiful of the museums along the south bank of the Main River, Frankfurt’s Museum of Communication reopened in 1990.

Stay tuned for more from Frankfurt…

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