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Sep 30, 2018

5 Clever Brick Seating Ideas to Enhance Your Home


Image courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

Whether it’s preventing guests from all congregating in one area, creating a friendly and informal spot for entertaining or designating a place to relax and read a book, brick seating offers a unique way to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your garden and home.

So, if you’re eager to freshen up the look of your interiors or exteriors this new season with a home improvement project, then why not consider building your own face brick seat? Nothing says ‘make yourself at home’ better than a space to sit down and socialise.

These 5 fun and inventive brick seating ideas, handpicked by Corobrik, provide plenty of inspiration!

Potted Paradise


Want to make a small outdoor area feel bigger? This brick seating design shows how you can utilise every square metre you have to open up your home and make it more conducive to entertaining guests. We really admire the way that the terracotta bricks and pots create a warm, quaint and cosy atmosphere!

Garden Gathering


Building a face brick seat doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive endeavour. Take note of how this seating option makes use of two simple columns, a brick wall and some wooden planks to create a strong and stable structure.

 Creative Curves

Image courtesy of AN Clicks

If you consider yourself adventurous or avant-garde when it comes to design, then this brick seating idea might just be right up your alley. Don’t you just love how the face brick wall seems to fold and seamlessly transition into a seating spot by the window!

Fireside Fun

Image courtesy of Home Impact

Who doesn’t love a good fireside gathering? You could make your gathering even more enjoyable with a face brick seat that’s comfy, spacious and visually appealing.

Built-In Bench

Image courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

Have a big budget and want to spend it on something that will almost certainly increase the value of your home? This brick seating design artfully connects indoor and outdoor spaces to create an area that exudes creativity and sophistication.

Which brick seating ideas did you enjoy the most? Drop us a comment in the box below and tell us what stood out to you and why you appreciated the design.


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