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4 Clay Paver Patios That Make Spring Entertaining More Elegant

4 Clay Paver Patios That Make Spring Entertaining More Elegant

Photo courtesy of ALL MODERN

Now that the cold and miserable days of winter are over, it’s time to take advantage of what the new, spirited season has to offer. And what better way to celebrate springtime than with a beautifully-designed clay paver patio that looks out onto your garden’s seasonal spoils?

Whether you need to expand your entertaining space or make your indoor-outdoor flow more seamless, clay paver patios provide a level of functionality and beauty that will enhance any home design.

With their durability, resistance to weathering, colour-fastness, suitability to high-traffic areas and timeless, elegant appeal, there’s little wonder as to why this paving material is a popular choice for patios.

Take a look at these 4 clay paver patio design ideas below for some springtime inspiration.

Embrace The Outdoors With These Stunning Patio Design Ideas

A Shaded Social Spot

Image courtesy of Waterman & Sun

This clay paver patio design is simply stunning! The pitched pergola merges effortlessly with this home’s high roof line and creates a shaded yet spacious shelter for guests to socialise in, while the pale red pavers add to the home’s traditional look and provide a pleasant break from the home’s heavy grey exterior. We love how the bright red Bignonia Cherere trumpets tie in with the red undertone of the pavers.


Regal and Refined

Image courtesy of Studio 511

When it comes to clay paver patios, bold reds are ideal for creating classic, elegant designs. Take note of how this regency style exterior is enlivened with the contrast of the green hedges and the red pavers.

Get The Look: You can use Corobrik’s Burgandy Paver to replicate this design.


A Touch of Tuscany

Image courtesy of Elevation Architectural Studios

If you hanker after the charm of old world Italy, then this Tuscan style clay paver patio may be right up your alley. The soft lighting, together with the wrought iron window detail, arched window frames and earthy brown pavers give this design a wonderfully warm and romantic atmosphere.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Cape Stormberg Pavers would be ideal for this style.

 A Clay Paver Patio with Moroccan Flair

Image courtesy of ALL MODERN

Designed by Donna Garlough, this patio mixes soft accessories, organic textures and burnt red clay pavers to capture the essence of Moroccan design. The built-in bench is definitely a stand-out feature if you ask us – imagine spending a sunny spring afternoon relaxing with a few friends on a comfy bench like this!

Get The Look: You could use Corobrik’s De Hoop Red Paver to get the same look and feel as this Moroccan design.

Are you a fan of clay pavers? Post a comment below to tell us what you thought of these patio design ideas.


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