Pave Your Way To Fantastic Outdoor Entertainment With Corobrik

Laughter, sunshine and friendship are all ingredients to a happier life. And as South Africans, we are privileged to have a climate that allows us to host outdoors throughout all seasons! If you have a heart for people and a passion for entertaining, then having people constantly fluttering in and out your house is probably not an unfamiliar sight to you. But as much as hosting can be loads of fun, it can also be a lot of work. All that continual traffic flow makes house upkeep much more difficult, especially when it comes to cleaning the flooring of your outdoor entertainment area. Thankfully, Corobrik has a solution to help you spend more time with friends and less time on cleaning. Their clay pavers are very low-maintenance, and even with heavy traffic flow, they always remain attractive. Dirty footprints are not a concern, as they blend into the red and brown colouring of the clay pavers. So if you’d like to make hosting easier and enhance your outdoor entertainment area, then have a look at these 4 clay paver ideas. Fireside Festivities

Whether it’s a lovely warm day or not, roasting marshmallows over a fire is always a good idea. We just love how the raised brick seating area combines with the clay pavers to form a cosy little chill-out corner. Dreamy Dining
This rectangle of basket weave patterning, framed by a straight line of clay pavers, forms a beautiful entertainment island that seems to float amongst a sea of grass. Those wanting to share a meal whilst soaking up a few glorious rays of sunshine might like this idea. Relax like Royalty
Imagine chatting with a few friends over a cup of tea and being surrounded by this gorgeously green background! If you like the way these red clay pavers brighten up their surrounds, then try out Corobrik’s Tuscan blend pavers. A Glorious Glow
When attempting to create the illusion of extra space, the use of herringbone patterning is always advisable. As seen in this picture, the clay pavers zig-zag across the floor and seem to stretch on forever. We love how this outdoor entertainment area uses orange furniture to emphasise the orange undertone of these clay pavers, and add an exuberant energy to this space. Contact: Corobrik


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