Corobrik: Entertain Outdoors With Brick Fire Pits

  Feature image: If you’re thinking of adding a new dimension to your outdoor entertainment, then why not consider the benefits of a brick fire pit? You certainly can’t go wrong with the durable, low-maintenance properties of brick, and nothing excites the imagination and gets the conversation flowing quite like a little fire; there’s something about the sound of crackling logs, and the glow of flickering flames that is extremely conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable evening. So gather up those left over bricks from your renovations, or contact our friends at Corobrik to source some quality clay bricks. But make sure you have a look at these 3 inspiring brick fire pit designs before you get started! Circular Seating
Image: We love how this brick fire pit maximises seating space with its circular design, and how it alternates between red and grey brick to form a striking pattern. Campfire Corner
Image: This design seamlessly merges two separate outdoor entertainment areas, allowing guests to dry off by the fire after an evening dip in the pool. Raised Brick Fire Pit
Image: This design is perfect for those that want to create a more open and spacious feel. And the raised pit is certain to mesmerise your guests with a more visible flame. If you like the natural look of this brick, then be sure to try out Corobrik’s Buff Satin clay brick. We hope you enjoyed these 3 brick fire pit designs. But whichever design you decide on, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a worthwhile investment. Whether you want to make the most of your summer evenings, or warm up in winter, brick fire pits will bring added value to your outdoor entertainment all year round!


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