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Lighting Nov 23, 2020

The Lighting Warehouse: LED Smarts

LED strip lights have taken the world by storm, and it’s not difficult to understand why – they can instantly give a space a dazzling new look, they are incredibly versatile, easy to install and energy-efficient.

Says Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse: “LED strip lights are made up of a flexible ribbon with an adhesive backing, featuring mounted LEDs that have been wrapped in a silicone cover. You can use them for a wide variety of applications, including for task, accent and decorative lighting solutions.”

And now, you can invest in Smart LED strip lights, opening up a whole host of new and innovative uses and applications. The Lighting Warehouse is excited to be launching its new 5m Smart RGB strip light kits, which boast Smart technology allowing them to be operated via your smart phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, making them an ideal complement to any home automation system!

Melissa offers an overview of some of the other benefits of these new Smart RGB LED strip light kits:

All the colours of the rainbow: The new Smart LED strip light kit is RGB (Red, Green and Blue) – which when combined, can create innumerable different colours, including lime, orange, pink, purple and teal. You can even get various shades of white light, such as warm white, cool white and daylight white for example. You can set the strip lights to change colour on demand – giving a space an entirely different look when you do.

Ambience control: Aside from the built-in Smart technology that allows you to control the lights via voice or smart device, these LED strip lights are also dimmable and they boast a timing control, which allows you to set them to switch on and off at uniquely programmed times. They also have Scene Control functionality, which allows you to adjust the settings according to your personal preference – these include strobe, flashing or colour-changing effects.

Flexibility and versatility: With LED strip lights, your only limitation is your imagination. Whether you are looking for under-, inner or over-cabinet lighting solutions, or innovative ways to light up your patio, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or lounge area – then LED strip lights offer the ideal solution.

Plug & Play technology: Simple and easy functionality – once installed, you only have to plug the strip lights in to get them working. No need for any complicated wiring or the services of an electrician.

An eco-friendly option: LED strip lights are incredibly energy efficient – because LED technology uses up to 90% less energy when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. They also boast an impressively long lifespan – operating for up to 30,000 hours. Unlike fluorescent and incandescent lights, LEDS contain no toxic chemicals that could harm the environment – they are 100% recyclable.

Wet and dry: This Smart LED RGB Strip Light kit is IP44-rated, which means that it is splashproof and it can be used for covered outdoor applications, such as your covered outdoor patio or balcony for example. They can also be used for certain bathroom and kitchen applications as well.

The new Smart LED RGB strip light kits resale for R999.00 each (code 20143) from The Lighting Warehouse. Shop online or find a store closest to you by visiting: www.lightingwarehouse.co.za.

Nationwide deliveries of all online orders over R500 are free.

NOTE: E&OE. While stocks last. Prices as at November 2020.

Contact: The Lighting Warehouse.

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