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Lighting Apr 25, 2022

Streamlight: A New Era of Lighting

Streamlight presents a digital exploration of a new era of lighting from Vibia in collaboration with Six. N Five.

Thanks to its compositional value, application potential and infinite lighting possibilities, the Plusminus collection marks a new era of lighting. Merging physical and digital, it allows professionals to visualise their design in a space. This is done either by drawing directly in 3D or by customising their configuration step by step.

Since the digital component of the product is so important, Vibia wanted to launch it on the market with a communication campaign that would transmit this aspect. That’s why they turned to Six N. Five.

As predicted, the result is outstanding. Six N. Five take us on a digital journey to a beautiful landscape where we enter a large minimalist building with a wall of windows overlooking the view.

Moving from room to room we discover its easy application and the fluidity of its compositional potential. Draped like a ribbon, Plusminus takes on the soft curves of a chandelier or pendant; pulled taut, it draws the geometric line of a rail or becomes a striking space divider.

This campaign was born with Plusminus. Designed by Diez Studio, Plusminus allows light to be shaped at will. It breaks with the division between decorative and technical lighting, replacing it with a single versatile system consisting of an adjustable textile belt whose fabric imperceptibly integrates conductive fibres.

Thanks to its simple “click & connect” functionality, the belt allows for the free positioning of multiple luminaires and the intuitive creation of personalised lighting effects to suit any mood.

If you can imagine it, you can create it with Plusminus. The first of its kind in the industry, Plusminus presents professionals with the opportunity to compose personalised layouts from scratch using Vibia’s groundbreaking configurator tool and user friendly digital platform, which offers a choice of over 100 preset configurations that can be customised to suit the specific needs of each project.

Find out more about this industry-first and visit Streamlight.


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