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Wolkberg Launches New Sustainable Evolve Range

On 25 November 2021, Wolkberg Casting Studios hosted an online event in honour of sustainable product development, circular economies, and the positive impact of supporting local.

The new range is made up of up to 80% recycled mix and 100% local. Furthermore, the range consists of larger pieces including architectural pre-casts and furniture.

The event was set out in a gallery style showcasing the fact that eco products can still be aesthetic and does not result in less beauty at all.

Sustainability in motion

In true Wolkberg style, the products are extremely versatile and easily differentiated by changing up a few add ons.
Wolkberg shared with the audience the vision for Limesite products and how the product was always created with the intention to be a sustainable product. The material was designed so that it can patina over time and take on a life of its own. The business wants to encourage users of its end products to embrace the natural aging of the product through wear and tear and embrace the patina as opposed to feeling like it needs to be refurbished or replaced.

They are passionate about circular economies and the design philosophy is to eliminate the take, make and dispose culture.

The Zephyr Block

Fit, form and function are the foundation of product development and the new Limesite Breeze Block ticks all the boxes. The humble breeze block has come a long way since the 1920’s and recently we have seen an uptake in the use of this block for decorative purpose but let’s not forget it’s highly beneficial functional side.

Zephyr meaning ‘a gentle breeze’ is quite fitting to the function this block will bring to a space. Breeze blocks provide a shield from harsh winds, creating shade from the sun and of course, is ideal as a privacy screen indoors and outdoors.

The Zephyr Block is thus the upgraded version to the standard block. The designer form subsequently creates a sleek block with a window that can receive various inserts. These inserts can be made from other materials. This includes glass, copper, brass, basket weaves, wire and more. The perfect collaboration product to involve other local designers, makers and crafters. These elements will furthermore, be added to the master block.

The blocks are sold by the square meter and the inserts are sold individually.

As part of the launch of the Zephyr product, Wolkberg collaborated with Veld Architecture and Down to the Wire, a non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving wildlife, and they create beautiful pieces of wire products from snares used to trap animals by poachers.

Price: R1600 sqm – Opening special ends April 2022. Inserts are costed on request.

As part of the expansion, Wolkberg has designed a bollard range:

  • Umbra – R600 per unit ex vat (excl light)
  • Penumbra – R1600 per unit ex vat (excl light)

These sleek yet solid bollards can be used as structural barriers to prevent access to certain areas like pavements and walkways or they can be used as directional lighting in urban spaces. Both Bollard and designed to receive LED lighting.

These precast products are an important part of the Evolve range because they use waster material to make a robust product that can last a lifetime.

Next in the range is the Rotunda Collection of furniture

This was a display of how eco products can be truly elegant and match up if not do even better than other pieces of furniture made from natural stone. The range therefore harmonises the round forms with the robust material creating a marvellous product.

For more visit Wolkberg Casting Studios.

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