Eclipse: Getting To Grips With Choosing Kitchen Handles

Handles are the final touch to kitchen cabinets and can really help to establish the style and mood of the space. They are available in all kinds of materials, finishes and styles – from traditional to contemporary or transitional. With such variety available, how do you know which handles to choose to suit your cabinets? These guidelines should assist you in selecting the perfect handles according to your specific requirements.

Quality and functionality

When choosing handles it is important to make sure they are good quality and are well designed. Think about how many times you open and close the cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen. You will want your handles to be as comfortable as they are stylish. Test out the handles you intend to buy. Hold one against your cabinet doors and check how easy they are to grip and how they feel in your hand. Also ask your supplier what material the handles are made from and what warranty they carry.

Think about the overall style and feel you would like to achieve in your kitchen. Are you planning a contemporary, traditional or transitional kitchen? The handles you choose have a big influence on the overall feel of your kitchen and can sway the style one way or another.

These contemporary bar handles in brushed nickel and brushed stainless steel come in a range of sizes to suit all different size drawer fronts and doors.


Once you have chosen the style of handle you would like, selecting the finish should be a lot easier. Traditional handles, for example, are available in a wide variety of finishes – from stainless steel to brass, pewter and even black nickel. Consider other feature elements of your kitchen design, including appliances, when choosing the finish (and style) of your handles.

Opting to mix handle lengths in your kitchen is a personal choice, however using the same length handle throughout, will create a less busy, more consistent look in the kitchen. It’s advisable to select an in-between length handle that won’t look too short on long drawers or too long on shorter drawers.

Refrain from putting the handles on until all of your cabinetry has been installed. This will give you an opportunity to stand in your new kitchen and hold the handles against the cabinet doors and drawers to try out different positions and heights. The general rule is that handles are placed horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. In addition, make sure the handles are placed in a position where they won’t hit one another when you open your cabinets.

Eclipse offers a wide range of handles in different finishes, sizes and styles to suit your décor requirements.

Specify Eclipse to your kitchen designer or installer.

A wide range of handles are available from any of the Eclipse branches nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Contact 0861 eclipse (325 4773).

Visit Eclipse.



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