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Winter 2024 Woodburning Fireplace Trends by Beauty Fires

The best time to get your wood burner is now, as Winter 2024 has arrived! Check out the Beauty Fires Winter Woodburning trends and find inspiration.

Winter 2024 Top Selling Woodburning Fireplaces.


Lacunza 613

The Atlantic 613 fireplace from Lacunza offers exceptional fireplace efficiency and boasts the largest viewing glass of any freestanding closed combustion fireplace in the market. This wood-burning stove is freestanding and comes standard with a log storage base. It has a powerful nominal output with an ‘A’ European efficiency rating. The Atlantic 613 is perfect for larger rooms in South African homes with an output of 8-14Kw.


Charnwood Aire 5

The Charnwood Aire 5 is rated as a 5KW nominal heat output stove. It features a very large glass, allowing for an exceptional view of the fire for the size of the stove.  The Aire features a double-skin ashpan that allows you to make your fire directly on to the ashpan for easy ash disposal. Like all Charnwood stoves, the combination of boiler plate steel and cast iron construction means that the Aire provides one of the easiest to control wood-burners available in the market today.


Hergom E30M

The Hergom E30 range features a modern-traditional design with symmetric lines and decorative side panels and a large L-shaped handle. The E-30-M has a high quality, cast iron finish that optimizes heat transfer with durability. The combustion chamber comes with a solid wood guard, and comfortably loads 45cm logs. Enjoy the durability and efficiency of cast iron, and the beautiful glow of the flame thanks to the heat-storage white cast iron firebox lining.


Silver 1000 built-in

The Lacunza Silver Plus built-in closed-combustion fireplace comes standard with cast iron internal walls and optional fans. It’s the only built-in closed-combustion fireplace in South Africa that comes standard with cast iron internal walls. The fans are controlled by remote control and assist with distributing the convection heat faster and more evenly. Lacunza offers an amazing 10-Year warranty. The Lacunza range of built-in fireplaces comes with the coveted Flamme Verte 7-star certification making it one of the most efficient fireplaces available on the market.


Aero Suspended wood burner

The Aero commands a presence wherever it is installed, effortlessly integrating with its surroundings. The Aero hanging fireplace floats in mid-air and can rotate 360 degrees allowing a view of the beautiful flames from any position in the room.

The Aero is hand forged in South Africa with a diameter of 1200mm. The body and anchor plates are standard sizes with the hanging pipe customised for each installation.


Visit a Beauty Fires showroom or browse our online flatforms for inspiration and access to South Africa’s favourite and most popular fireplace brands.
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