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The Lumin Range of Fireplaces by Signi Fires

Transform your living space into a cosy haven with a Lumin Fireplace from Signi Fires, these remarkable fireplaces are set to revolutionise the way you experience warmth and ambiance in your home. With the option to choose between gas or bio ethanol burners, you can customise your home to suit your personal taste and style effortlessly.



Stress free installation.
To create the wall or cavity where you would like the fireplace to be placed is easy, a masonry structure is not required. No flue pipe is required unless installed in a bedroom for gas. The product comes flat packed for easy storage and transport. It is easy to assemble and the minimum structural requirement is a simple timber frame and cladding, it can be installed into a combustible wood framework.

The unique shallow design takes up minimum space in your room. For gas option, it comes standard with a flame-adjustable drop-in gas burner. The bio ethanol option comes standard with a flame adjustable stainless-steel burner. The frameless design incorporates your wall cladding. The Burners are available in a black powder-coated steel finish or brushed stainless steel finish and an optional black glass or ribbed back is available on certain models.

The Wall hung model doesn’t require any casing to be built and can simply be hung on an existing wall in minutes!

Size options
Gas burner Details
Available in 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1750, and 2000mm lengths.

The drop-in gas burners are available in a black fully powder-coated carbon steel or brushed 304 Stainless Steel options.

All burners can be fitted with a remote control and cell phone app-based controls for enhanced functionality and control with adjustable flame control. Burners can be purchased loose and installed in custom any creations.

Bioethanol burner details.
The bio ethanol fireboxes are available in 950, 1150, 1350 and1650mm lengths with respective burner sizes of 500, 800, 1100, 1400 and 1650mm. Burners can be purchased loose and installed in any custom creations.



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