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Corobrik: Take a step in the right direction with creative staircases

Ever thought of the type of staircase you would want in or outside of your home?

With a variety of building materials that can be used to create your signature staircase design, one could find it difficult to make a decision. From glass to steel, wood to face brick, let us help you take a STEP in the right direction with our selection of innovative and creative staircases.

  1. Steel and face brick, the perfect match

Image sourced from: www.dezeen.com

This minimalist staircase made from a sheet of steel is chic and sophisticated. It’s sharp lines and brassy colouring compliment the exposed face brick wall, making for the perfect backdrop to this modern industrial styled home.   

2. Concrete splendor

Image sourced from: www.dezeen.com  

If a statement is what you want to make then a concrete staircase like the one pictured above, is definitely the way to go. This spiraling masterpiece is a true showstopper with its intricate twists and turns. The staircase is left in its natural colour to ensure that the architectural design remains the focal point.


3. Face brick royalty

Image sourced from: www.logrithmic.com

This face brick staircase exudes a sense of romance. It’s elegant soft curves that cascade down the side of this building is nothing short of royalty. The colour of the brick gives this design a soft delicate feel. The design can be replicated to incorporate a brick colour of your choice. Corobrik offers a wide selection of bricks from your traditional reds to their newest black brick.


4. Stack it up with wood

Image sourced from: www.dezeen.com  

Design, play and function all stacked into this intricate wooden staircase. Resembling the popular game Jenga, this staircase is simply spectacular! The timber beams were used to not only create the staircase but they double as additional storage. Who can say no to extra storage, right?


5. Graceful in glass

Image sourced from: www.dezeen.com  

One would think it’s pure magic just looking at this staircase. It elegantly floats gracefully into the next level of this home. Made entirely of glass this sleek, clean design is most impressive, giving this home an airy ethereal feel.

Let us know if we’ve taken you a step closer to finding your dream staircase. If you have any design ideas that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment in the box below. If you need help finding the perfect clay brick for your next building project, make sure to visit Corobrik.




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