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Paintsmiths: The Ultimate Colours For Your Walls

Colour is the spice of life. From sunshine yellow, to rustic rusts and mellow neutrals. Applying a new lick of paint to your walls is an excellent way to give your interiors a fresh-faced makeover. More so, it is a way of rekindling your spirit and will to fight. They don’t say ‘change is as good as a holiday’ for no reason.

Which colour samples should you be buying, and what are the biggest paint trends for 2021?

Paintsmiths, colour experts since 1989, have divided the new inspired set of 8 colours for 2021 into a romantic pairing of 4 NEUTRALS and 4 COLOURS.

Neutrals: Arniston White, Millstone, Nguni, Almost There
Colours: Fudge on my wall, Forrest Deep, Scaffold Plank, Curdled Custard

Paintsmiths shares a colour-message of hope, resilience and positivity. Selecting the two sets was also about finding the balance between the ‘wow’ colours and the ‘grounded’ colours, says an in-house colour expert. Also an important aspect and message of finding balance in your home and in life.


Earlier in January 2021, ‘Fudge on my wall’ was added to the Colour of the Year 2021 palette.

A warm, sophisticated ochre; that has the power to heat up any room or heart. ‘Fudge on my wall’ is a rich anchor that grounds the mind in calm and stability with its ties to the natural world.

According to Etsy’s in-house trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, there’s been a 36% increase in searches on the site for ochre-colored items in the last three months.

It’s impossible to scroll through home inspo on Instagram without seeing a blend of woven textures and bohemian styles soaked in classic ’70s sunset hues and earth tones — ochre being the most popular.


The colour team at Paintsmiths selected a range of 4 muted natural colours as part of the Neutral colour set of the year. “This set has been part of our history and they are a palette is going to last into 2021 and beyond.”

Paintsmiths selected ‘Almost There’ as one of the Neutral Colours of the Year 2021 to represent a new dawn of idealism, design and living,’ says an in-house colour and design expert.
The Neutrals 2021: Arniston White, Millstone, Nguni, Almost There


Inspired by Lee Krasner, the female artist and wife of Jackson Pollock who became a pioneer in abstract expressionism, this trend is all about breaking preconceived rules, non-conformity and creativity.

Paintsmiths colour team says: ‘Think new about your space and forget the rules from yester year. Try colour blocking and create new boundaries.’

Bright and bold colour palettes like Paintsmiths ’Scaffold Plank’ (dark blue) and ‘Forrest Deep’ or rusty reds like ‘Curdled Custard’ will work wonderous colour combinations. Enjoy self expressing yourself!


The nostalgia trend is continuing to grow for 2021, with brands delving into vintage styles to create spaces with a new twist on a traditional style. “The rich, regal hues favoured by the Tudor monarchs of the renaissance era have surged in popularity in recent months, including shades such as royal blue, ruby red and emerald green,’ says UK paint brand, Benjamin Moore’s Helen Shaw.

Paintsmiths added ‘Scaffold Plank’, a rich and emotional blue, to the colour of the year 2021 palette. A definite must if this is the look and feel you are going for.

The Pantone Color of the Year 2020 was Classic Blue, a regal hue that feeds into the comforting nostalgia trend, and one that continues into 2021.

Dark Greens have an air of nostalgia about them. Dark Greens have a completely different feeling from night to day. Chic during the day and very cosy at night. Grounded and yet luxurious. Make sure to try Paintsmiths ‘Forrest Deep’ or in a lighter hue, Lush.


The secret garden inspires a look of serene and calm…and inner beauty. No wonder Paintsmiths nominated Forrest Deep as a colour of the year 2021.

Let your imagine go wild with greenery, leaves. The paint palette reflects the colours of the forest, ranging from oaks to vivid birch. It’s about evoking the therapeutic powers of nature, restorative health, wellbeing and self-nurture. Follow biophilic interior trends for inspiration.


We’ll be seeing plenty of neutrals and whites in paint trends for 2021. All white make spaces appear bigger. Just remember to add some texture to your space to add depth. Try two of Paintsmiths’ Colour of the year 2021: ‘Arniston White’ (lighter) or ‘Millstone’ (with a greyish undertone).


Inspired by artisan craft and slow living, interiors are embracing the understated beauty of imperfect, timeworn pieces and warm, calming shades.

Paintsmiths chose ‘Nguni’ as one of the colours of the year 2021. The Perfect hue to add a warm tones of clay that is purely natural. Paired with darker accents they create a scheme that champions imperfection and celebrates the handmade. The look is relaxed, simple, fluid colors working in harmony, mixing and blending into each other.’

Aim for an unrefined and rustic aesthetic to nail this trend, which is comforting and enveloping. Simple and versatile, the earthy palette works in any space, whether it’s a rustic kitchen or contemporary bedroom, and is particularly effective when combined with an ombre or sponge technique.

Organic materials, including rattan, bamboo and linen, paired with artisanal elements, like pottery, enhance the serene, pared-back feel of the colors and instantly create an inviting space to rest and regenerate.

Discover the latest colour trends for your home at Paintsmiths.

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