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Connect To Nature With The Dulux Earth Palette

We all long for a deeper connection to nature. The beauty of Mother Earth is a muse for many and the colours, sounds and textures found in nature continue to bring inspiration to our everyday spaces. Dulux presents a gorgeous Earth Palette of tones to welcome nature indoors. The calming blues, greens and greys of the Earth Palette bring a soulful touch in combination with the Dulux Colour of the Year – Brave Ground.


We all celebrated the beauty of Brave Ground when it was first announced as the 2021 Dulux Colour of the Year. Seeing it pop up in stylish interiors and unexpected settings have been a welcome surprise that draws us in. The thing we love about Brave Ground is that it is a warm and calming colour – a natural neutral that also grounds. Nurturing and balancing, it’s a colour that echoes the fabric of the earth. Soil, clay, stone… making even an urban space feel rooted and part of the natural world.

Brave Ground is also a colour that lets other shades shine, and it, therefore, works naturally with Earth colours of blue, grey and green. Used in combination, these tones thus create a calming, restorative feel that’s easy on the eye and that works in a modern or traditional setting.

In the Bedroom

Create a place of solace with Brave Ground and the Earth Palette in the master suite. Soothing greens can enhance a bedroom of calm while Brave Ground sets the tone for a comfortable space. It is thus a great way to bring the outside in and embrace the power of nature in your most intimate space.

In the Living Room

Is your living space in need of a makeover? Go contemporary without overwhelming your space. The Earth Palette brings the raw, natural look of nature indoors and can enhance a living room with a fresh energy. Mixed with indoor plants, natural materials and botanical prints, this is a modern look that can bring a breath of fresh air to any interior space.

In the Dining Room

Create visual impact with earthy blue walls in the dining room. It will give this space a whole new look and feel. It will also give the impression that you’re eating alfresco! The Earth Palette is not about loud colours that dominate a space. On the contrary, the deep blues and greys will add a sense of tranquility and create a welcoming ambience – even around the dinner table.

In a Child’s Room

Create a space for rest and study with the versatile Earth Palette and Brave Ground from Dulux. It’s a naturally soothing palette that will work in either a boy or girl room. The neutral shades will add to a sense of stability and balance while Brave Ground provides that nurturing feel!

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Beauty abounds in the great outdoors. Now you can bring it inside with Dulux.

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