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Colour Alert: The Plascon Colour Forecast of 2018 is revealed!

Colour influences every aspect of our lives – from fashion and décor to art and design. As South Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, colour is something that Kansai Plascon truly immerses itself in. For decades, the brand has combined the science behind innovative coatings with the inspiration to make understanding and using colour, easy and exciting.

Every year, Kansai Plascon publishes their viewpoint on the latest colour trends in their Colour Forecast. It starts with the experts in the brand’s Colour Team surveying the way colour is being used across the creative industries, and then filtering this insight into a set of trend stories that truly reflect the global mood.

The Colour Stories of 2018: Current colour trends are seeing an experimental spirit in design coming through. Seemingly unusual colour combinations are being brought together, and while not what would be considered a typical colour combination, when you see them together they really do work.

Neutral of the Year: Along with four themes that express the key trends in the world of colour, Plascon also chooses one colour in the Forecast that captures the overall mood for that year. This year, the team decided to do things differently and pick a Neutral of the Year. The Neutral of the Year for 2018 is…

Amadeus: an earthy, yellow-tinted hue. This colour brings the grounding energy that holds a more diverse palette together. Colour Story One: Exotic Euphoria In this first theme, the distinction between natural and artificial blurs in response to scientists and artists hybridising the two in their work. The palette’s supercharged and jungle-inspired brights are almost phosphorescent, especially against the backdrop of lush natural hues. The overall feeling is a little wild and overgrown, perfect to create connected and natural spaces but energetic at the same time.   Colour Story Two: Soft Composition Soft Composition is about editing spaces and styles to create room for contemplation. The mood is calming yet grounded and the whole look is inspired by classic form and colours. The palette gets its on-trend update through the inclusion of bold retro accents alongside the muted colours. In this way classic and contemporary are combined. The whole idea is to create spaces that feel familiar but at the same time look new. It’s a warm take on minimalism for the way we live today. Colour Story Three: Craft Spirit Every culture has a craft heritage and this theme is inspired by the way this common past connects us all today. It’s about combining North and South, East and West, and finding that the ties that bind are invariably colour. This rich global mix is expressed in a palette of pigmented hues, fruity accents and watery blues. The overall feeling created in is one of connection, ideal for creating rich and textured living spaces.   Colour Story Four: Hi-Glo One for the adventurous, Hi-Glo is the mash-up of digital and physical. It’s a rule-breaking palette of citrusy sorbet tones, soft pink, mid-toned primaries and grounding earthy colours to hold it all together. It’s the perfect way to create youthful and more experimental spaces, and lends itself well to artistic colour treatments and paint effects. Where to find it? The Forecast is launched each year at Decorex Joburg, where the colour stories are brought to life on the Plascon stand.

For more information, visit www.plascon.com.

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