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Furniture Mar 13, 2024

The Naut Armchair by Okha

A design equation: Geometry x Composition x Luxury

Voyagers in luxury furniture design, OKHA is proud to introduce the NAUT armchair, a distinctive collection to its exclusive furniture collection.
The enigmatic NAUT armchair is a design focused on exacting proportions. Deceptively simple in form, it is a reductionist, purist work; an intuitive composition of three interlocking geometric forms that come together to create a dynamic unity, a truly distinctive character, and of course, great comfort.

The armchair seeks to create a design language that is both simple and intuitive, using the fewest of geometric forms to mesh asymmetric composition and a harmonious state. It’s a paradoxically naïve, yet intelligent equation of elements, resulting in a visually striking and sophisticated work.
NAUT was borne out of the project, NAUTILUS in St. Tropez, a collaboration with SAOTA. OKHA was entrusted with the interior design of the project, including all custom, one-off works.

NAUT’s idiosyncratic personality thrives in an eclectic environment that is driven by individuality. It complements spaces that are intelligent and intuitively juxtapose elements in subtle ways, referencing past, present, and future in a singular space.
The NAUT armchair is a statement piece that seamlessly blends geometric precision, minimalist aesthetics, and ergonomic excellence. Crafted in Portugal, by skilled artisans, it features premium materials and a wire-brushed solid ash base, available in various finishes for personalization.

OKHA invites you to explore the NAUT armchair, a symbol of intelligent luxury that looks to a new horizon in the world of furniture design.
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