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Furniture Jun 17, 2020

Maldini: Float On Air With Lago’s Air Furniture Collection

Italian furniture takes to the skies with the latest Air Furniture range from LAGO, now available from Maldini in South Africa. We’re loving its gravity defying aesthetic, with the collection appearing to be afloat on air!

The Air Furniture range includes sofas, tables and beds, and consists of different furniture pieces. Thanks to its beautifully tempered glass legs, each piece seems magically suspended in air.

Designed by Daniele Lago, this furniture collection is cozy, surprising and elegant.

Air Table
LAGO Air table is truly a wonder! Its top is supported by two extra-clear glass legs which add to its magical appearance. Available in Wildwood, Glass, and Laminate tops, this table can suit different interior styles.


Air Sofa
Modularity is one of the most dominant features of this sofa. You can choose your own depth and back rest height, mix fabrics and hues, in order to create a sofa fully personalized to your comfort and personality.

Once a linear sofa, it can become a comfortable guest bed or a chaise longue, just by rotating the modules. The sofa sits on extra-clear tempered glass legs, giving it a feel of floating in air.

Air Sofa

Air Bed
Drift off to lalaland in a bed with a magical allure. If you would like to sleep on a floating bed, this one is just right for you. The platform is suspended on four nearly invisible glass legs, giving it a feeling of floating in air. It comes with detachable back rests, shelves and drawers that can be attached to the bed frame at any point.

Air Bed

Air Shelving
Made from lacquered wood or Wildwood oak, this two-faced shelving contrasts transparency of its glass supports, creating an extraordinary feeling of lightness. It can also be used as a room divider. Installation requires no wall attachments – just set up this self standing structure in front of a wall.

Air shelving

Find the latest from LAGO now available at Maldini.

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