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Discover Naturally Beautiful Style with Tile Africa

Your home is your sanctuary, your place of peace. This is especially true as we look for sanctuary and an escape from the man-made, and from technology. Use nature, and spaces inspired by nature to create a sense of refuge and comfort when designing spaces within your homes.

Embrace this biophilic design trend in your home with Tile Africa’s Naturally Beautiful style. This style takes inspiration from the earth and beauty found in nature. Shapes are fluid and ergonomic, textures are important and the results serene and harmonious

A nature-inspired space features elements which mimic nature, such as the use of natural patterns and textures like wood and stone. The warmth of timber is timeless, and wood-look tiles are ideal for adding the comforting tones and textures of wood into a bathroom without the maintenance associated with real wood products. Stone-look patterns evoke the centuries-old use of stone in construction as a solid foundation for your home.

For a modern take on these time-honoured wood and stone textures, mix and match these different look tiles to create a design that reflects your individuality. Pair wood and marble-look or stone and cement-look patterns or add in a mosaic for unique element.

Storage is always an important feature especially in a family bathroom, so choosing a vanity and storage units in a warm wood, is another excellent way to bring the warmth of timber-tones into your bathroom.

Your accessories pick up on the natural theme. Create texture with soft and hard shapes like stone, wood and pebbles in a range of gentle browns and bone tones — while bamboo, cotton and silk bring serenity. Harmonising neutrals of greens and taupe hues add the finishing touch.

For more naturally beautiful inspiration, visit your nearest Tile Africa store or browse their website to find your style.



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