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Spotlight: Andrea Brand Design

A lifelong fascination with texture and colour paves the road of Andrea Brand’s artistic journey and an innate curiosity and travel thirst feed her love for collecting fabrics. From markets draped in colour, obscure fabric peddlers and hidden shops stacked to the roof with layers of textured cloth – all of which tells the story of the culture, history and tradition of the people who wear and use it.

Each Andrea Brand collection mirrors a unique interaction or transition in the designer’s experience of the world. The nature of the designs allows for it to be digitally transferred onto any surface that the individual user aspires to have in their space.

“Life inspires me on a daily basis and I want to fill the world with beauty that evokes inner movement and change,” explains Andrea.

As a brand, the Andrea Brand label is focussed on bringing unique, high quality and leading edge contemporary surface designs to the global market. This is coupled with collaborations with local service providers and interior designers.

Traces Jungle

“I am firstly an artist. Being a surface designer was a natural transition from my love for colour, texture and ancient cloth traditions…”

The 2018 collection, called Traces, found its form in the lush beauty and layered depth of an island jungle and in the fascinating lifecycle of leaves – growth to decay, and decay feeding growth. There are three ranges within the collection: Jungle, Autumn and Leaf Greens.


The Andrea Brand collections are all digitally printed on high quality, eco friendly fabrics. Explorations into printing on upholstery, wallpaper, and wood have been very successful and the use of luxurious fabrics, like silk and silk hemp, has resulted in a fashion/lifestyle range.


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