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Why House of Canvex?

House of Canvex carries a creative collaborative vision. The aim is to connect local textile designers and artists with interior decorators, furniture manufacturers and consumers across South Africa. Through this platform, the team can provide immensely talented local designers and artists with an opportunity to create truly one-of-a-kind works of art, that are then transformed into beautiful textile prints.

These creatively unique prints offer interior designers/decorators a completely bespoke solution for their clients. Furthermore, it promotes sustainability and supports the local industry.

How is this done?

Digital design gurus have a deep understanding and expertise of textile printing. They are equipped to turn the artists’ vision into beautiful works of art.

The platform will allow designers to witness their beautiful creations come to life in homes, restaurants, retail stores and offices across South Africa.

What makes these textiles so unique?

Ethical manufacturers such as House of Canvex, are challenged to find a balance between providing consumers with high-quality textiles and doing so in an environmentally sustainable way.

“We took our passion for textiles and turned it into a brand that is committed to sustainability and supporting local industry.”

Through this passion and vast industry expertise, the brand has completely revolutionised the textile industry. Furthermore, they’ve become the first manufacturer in the country to convert South African rPET yarn into homeware textiles – with full traceability.

House of Canvex textiles are not only beautifully raw, but they convey a sense of luxurious modernity. Countless hours of R&D and perfecting the weave, and they have developed a real sustainable solution that provides the durability of virgin polyester with the luxurious feel of high-end textiles.

“We offer South African consumers with on-demand, industry leading digital printing technology with smaller MOQs and quicker turnaround times; with fully scalable manufacturing processes to fulfil any size order.”

Locally inspired in-house designs

A passionate team is driven and dedicated to the beauty of aesthetics. In-house designs are not only influenced by international trends, but also take inspiration from local elements – offering both international design appeal without sacrificing local connection and environment.

Inhouse designs are offered through an ever-growing agent network all across South Africa, with new ranges being added constantly.

Check out the website at House of Canvex.

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