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The Inspiring Collaboration of Barrydale Hand Weavers and Leila Atelier

In a serendipitous meeting of tradition and creativity, Leila from Leila Atelier recounts a journey through the scenic Langberg route that sparked a lifelong fascination with the art of weaving. As her family embarked on their annual Christmas pilgrimage to the Eastern Cape, they found themselves drawn to the charming town of Barrydale, where Leila’s encounter with a floor loom marked the beginning of a profound connection to the craft.


Photo Credit Skye Russel

Leila proudly announces the culmination of a dream – a collaboration with the esteemed artisans of Barrydale Hand Weavers. For Leila, a self-taught weaver accustomed to the solitude of her small studio, the opportunity to collaborate with the skilled and respected community of Barrydale is nothing short of inspiring.

The result of this collaboration is unveiled in the form of the Nāḍī – a lightweight, wider width throw that embodies the essence of weaving itself. Each piece is a testament to the weaving process, with a design that speaks to the intricate dance of threads and hands. It is a fusion of people and place, a storied creation that envelops its users in a gentle embrace of comfort and beauty.


Photo Credit Skye Russel

Drawing inspiration from the yogic concept of Nāḍī – the channels through which the energies of the body flow – the Nāḍī throw invites users to nurture their inner sense of center and reconnect with the subtle channels of the body. With its minimal grid design and hand-inlaid details, each throw is a unique manifestation of craftsmanship, a testament to the artistry of the hands that created it.

As Leila invites us to rest, find comfort, and reconnect with tactile sensation through the Nāḍī throw, it becomes clear that this collaboration is more than just a merging of talents – it is a celebration of tradition, creativity, and the timeless beauty of handcrafted artistry.

Contact: Barrydale Hand Weavers.

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