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Mavromac: Selecting Fabrics

In interior design, fabrics play a unique role, acting as the cornerstone that ties together paint, furniture, wallpaper and lighting. The team at Mavromac understands this. They also know that it is about more than just good looks – understanding both aesthetic and functional aspects is crucial when incorporating fabrics into your design. 

After all, textiles provide not only colour and visual interest but also texture and comfort, which is why smart interior designers strategically use fabrics to enhance a space, emphasizing the importance of mixing materials and layering for a cohesive design.

When selecting textiles for your home, the Mavromac team suggests the following:

  • Choose fabrics that reflect your personality and taste to create a unique space for yourself, family, and friends. Mavromac South offers a diverse range of locally designed and made fabrics, providing options that align with your expectations or pleasantly surprise you.
  • Keep the function of each room in mind. Consider the purpose of each space and its occupants. High-traffic areas or those frequented by children and pets benefit from practical, easy-to-clean fabrics. Mavromac South’s “Eco Cottons” collection offers sustainable fabrics that balance functionality, style, and comfort.
  • Choose eye-catching designs. Selecting materials with rich, vibrant colours like copper, saffron, or deep green adds depth and visual interest to a room. These colours create warmth and can contribute to a theme or offer striking contrasts.
  • Combine colours and patterns for a unique look. Experimenting with mixing and matching fabrics can yield a sophisticated, layered look that enhances both visual and tactile appeal. Mavromac South’s “Easy Velvets” collection provides soft, plush velvet fabrics for an impressive wow factor.

No matter your space or style, incorporating Mavromac South fabrics into your scheme will help you create a welcoming, easy-to-maintain, and aesthetically pleasing home. The collections add depth, character, and intrigue to any room. Explore Mavromac South fabric collections at https://mavromacandthegatehouse.co.za/mavromac-south-fabric-collections/.

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