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Beautiful Brick Finishes

There are many things to consider when designing a building with face brick, and the type of finish you choose will determine the particular look and feel of your completed project. Depending on your preference – rustic, smooth or a combination of the two – in terms of architectural aesthetic, texture is the cherry-on-top.


Corobrik has a wide range of clay face brick in countless colours and superior quality finishes such as satin, travertine, rustic, coral and smooth. Explore them all here.


If you like clean lines and a neat, smooth finish, then you’ll love Corobrik’s face brick range in satin and smooth. Both ranges have a smooth texture, and the satin range is characterised by a slight sheen, which reflects light, creating movement and fluidity. The satin and smooth face brick ranges go well with modern designs and contemporary architecture.


To recreate the aesthetic of this office block depicted above, we recommend using Corobrik’s The Black Brick from their satin face brick range.

To recreate the aesthetic of this building, we recommend using Corobrik’s De Hoop Red from their smooth face brick range.

Buildings that have a slightly raw and unfinished appearance are trending, and if you prefer an aesthetic that is a little more natural, you’ll love Corobrik’s Rustic face brick range. The rough finish of this face brick absorbs light and gives buildings a warm, earthy texture.

The unfinished appearance of the face brick in the building depicted above adds character and charm to this country home. To recreate the look, we recommend using Corobrik’s “Golden Harvest” or “Meadow” from their rustic face brick range.

Can’t decide on a smooth or rustic finish? Why not choose something in between –

Corobrik’s Travertine face brick range offers the perfect combination of the two.



To recreate the aesthetic of the building featured above, we recommend using “Agate” from Corobrik’s Travertine face brick range.


The strength and durability of Corobrik’s wide and versatile range of clay face bricks is equally matched by its aesthetic qualities that are both compelling and captivating. The Corobrik clay face brick range offers the widest variety of colours, shades, shapes, and textures available. Shop the range at your nearest Corobrik centre. 


Satin, Travertine, Rustic or Smooth – Which face brick texture is your favourite and where would you utilise it for your next building or renovation project?



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