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Thomas Heatherwick Presents Eden – A 22-Story Paradise

London-based designer Thomas Heatherwick unveiled his first residential project in Singapore – a 22-story apartment soaring in the sky. Named Eden, this beautiful biophilic design is a perfect blend of nature and city dwelling.

Eden is located in the historic Orchard Road Neighbourhood of Singapore and was commissioned by Swire Properties. The 104.5 metre building is the first residential project in Asia by the studio – and it offers a unique response to its location. An interesting blend of green living makes this tower feel more green than urban.

City in a Garden

The building is inspired by city-state founder Lee Kuan Yew’s mission to define Singapore as a city in a garden. Lush gardens are therefore integrated into petal-like balconies on three sides of each apartment. The biophilic design is imbued in the design, creating a tower that feels more green than urban.

Eden is therefore designed to resemble a spine blade. Here simple vertical rectilinear plains with slim windows form the blade with generous garden balconies situated in between. This approach grants privacy for each of the twenty apartments. It, therefore, allows for a generous central living space that also forms the heart of each residence.

A Tower of Contrasts

The unconventional concrete walls are moulded with a topographical map of Singapore’s terrain. This has been abstracted to create a unique three-dimensional texture.

With the hanging gardens climbing up three sides, Eden stands in stark contrast from the glass-and-steel typology of many contemporary residential towers.

The connection to nature is often missing in modern city life. This isn’t so in Eden. Here we celebrate biophilic design and our innate connection to the landscape. It is about seeing movement, having change, hearing sound, and smelling smells, all these micro-effects we take for granted until they are missing from new developments.

The end result is a beautiful scene – a feast for the senses and a celebration of all that is good in nature.





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