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Brand Tech SA – Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Brand Tech SA is the proud partner and local manufacturer supplying the market leading international brand of Gauzy switchable smart glass products, also known as LCG® (Light Control Glass) or smart privacy glass – Helping to define the modern architectural, automotive, interior, and product design industries.
The technologies behind Brand Tech SA and Gauzys’ smart glass systems help resolve the conflicting design and functional demands for balancing the benefits of natural light, views, and open floor plans with the need for energy conservation and privacy. LCG® alters the amount of light transmitted through typically transparent materials, allowing these materials to appear as transparent, translucent, or opaque on demand.
Brand Tech SA offers both a retrofit and full laminate build option with customizable glass configurations to meet building requirements. Where the retrofit solution involves the simple application of LCG® smart films onto existing infrastructures where ease of integration is a must and the interlayer or laminate option being a great choice for new builds and renovations.
The switchable glass on offer is ideal for partitions and walls with an adaptability to give a “WOW” factor to interior designs both in the residential and corporate environments. Switchable privacy glass can easily transform a space from open and shared, to private and intimate, and anywhere in between with a dimmable opacity feature. A modern solution supporting minimalist interior designs while maintaining privacy and maximizing space.
Smart Glass has become increasingly popular for glass walled/partitioned conference rooms or executive offices for agile workspaces based on open floor plans. Moreover, within real estate and hotel rooms where valuable space is limited and traditional curtains ruin design aesthetics or are a less functional solution. High Temperature LCG Films are engineered with the demanding African climate in mind. Withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations and external elements where the performance of switchable glass is aimed at outdoor applications and exterior windows or doors.
Smart Glass has become an ideal choice for use in both interior and exterior glass doors and windows and can be custom made into a wide array of sizes and shapes for even the most intricate designs. From sliding doors, stacking doors, hinged doors and a range of similarly operating custom window designs.
Easy to customize and effortless to maintain, Brand Tech SA’s LCG® offers you the latest must-have in advanced technology and contemporary living. Email carys@brandtechsa.co.za or visit www.gauzy.com to find out more.

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