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Bomax Architects Presents Sunset Villa, Cape Town

Like a lighthouse on a cliff, Sunset Villa overlooks the wild Cape Atlantic Ocean, blending luxury living with natural beauty. Envisioned by Bomax as a serene and minimalist Mediterranean-style family home, the design embraces the monochromatic hues of white-pigmented concrete and lime-washed finishes to create a beach house that harmonises with its environment.

High ceilings, natural skylights and archways frame the spectacular mountain vistas of Judas Peak, while a long rim-flow infinity pool connects with the horizon, preventing the need for balustrades. The voluminous, uncluttered open floor plan and easy-flowing outdoor entertainment areas provide ample room for Alfresco dining and peaceful solitude, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Incorporating sustainable solutions for contemporary architecture, Sunset Villa embodies a self-sustaining, off-the-grid, environmentally aware building with energy sourced from PV solar and pellet burning technology.

A U-shaped courtyard providing shelter from wind and rain guides residents toward a fountain pool and cliff-edge infinity pool seamlessly merging with the vastness of the ocean below. Meticulous attention to the sun’s path, prevailing wind directions, and seasonal weather patterns ensure comfortable living spaces year-round. During winter, cosy retreats and cellar hideaways provide solace from the chill. 

Material selection is inspired by the beach below, kept natural and worn; granite, white concrete, slate, and limestone all feature in the soft design palette of Sunset Villa. Integrating granite rock excavated from the site into the lower level and basement wine cellar adds a touch of Mediterranean influence while grounding the design concept in the context of the natural coastal tapestry. 

  • Sculptures by Takatoshi Kuronuma, ‘White Wind’
  • Artwork by Liberty Battson, ‘Bedroom in Benoni’, Everard Read
  • Outdoor furniture range and coffee table by Vondom, ‘Milos’
  • Dining table and chairs by Vondom, ‘Vela’
  • Sofa suite by Eichholtz, ‘Bjorn’
  • Coffee table and ottoman by Vondom, ‘Noma’
  • Sculpture by Anton Momberg, ‘Girl Standing’
  • Pendants by Foscarini, ‘Rituals’
  • Artwork by Erin Chaplin, ‘Limp’, Everard Read
  • Custom brass and limewashed Basswood screen by Bomax
  • Hemp Rug by Hertex
  • Side tables by Dedon, ‘Porcini’ and ‘Dala’
  • Furniture supplied by Core Furniture

For more visit Bomax and discover sustainable architecture and design solutions in Cape Town.


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  1. Rada Binovska

    October 3, 2023

    is this villa available for rental?


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