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Décor Nov 29, 2023

Da Rocha Interiors Embraces The Spirit of Celebration

As the festive season rapidly approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. In the spirit of celebration, thoughts turn to the art of giving, and what better way to express appreciation than through luxury gifting? The allure of exquisite presents, meticulously chosen, add an extra layer of warmth and opulence to the joyous festivities.

Da Rocha Interiors Embraces The Spirit of Celebration



The perfect luxury festive gift, Dr. Vranjes. The renowned brand synonymous with luxury home fragrances and artisanal perfumery & gifting, founded by Dr. Paolo Vranjes in Florence, Italy, has become a beacon of olfactory sophistication. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and the use of high-quality ingredients, Dr. Vranjes offers a range of meticulously curated scents, diffusers, candles, eau de parfum, car diffusers & more, that transform spaces into aromatic sanctuaries.


Each fragrance is a harmonious blend, carefully designed to evoke emotions and memories, making Dr. Vranjes a symbol of elegance and sensory indulgence in the world of home fragrance. As Southern Africa’s premium retailers and distributor of DR Vranjes, Da Rocha is proud to introduce the epitome of refined luxury & gifting– the new Dr. Vranjes Leather Oud Collection of diffusers.



Designed to be a statement of style, the Dr. Vranjes Leather Oud diffusers are a fusion of exquisite fragrance and elegant aesthetics, offering a sensory journey that resonates with discerning connoisseurs of fine living. Elevate your surroundings with the rich allure of Dr. Vranjes Leather Oud. Though they’re disparate in location and climate, Dr. Vranjes notes that Middle Eastern sand dunes and Tuscan hills share a common characteristic: both are defined by graceful, undulating curves.


The Leather Oud diffuser is a celebration of this similarity, melding the identities of these distinct locales in a precious, intense fusion of oud to represent the Middle East and leather in reference to Italy’s leathermaking heritage. The new Leather Oud Home Fragrance has an intense and lush, exotic and enveloping personality. 


A precious, intense and bold blend with notes of rose and geranium at the top, Tuscan leather and Middle Eastern oud in the heart, and sandalwood, musk and vanilla at the base. The perfect gift this season.

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Da Rocha Interiors Embraces The Spirit of Celebration.

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