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Maldini: 6 Ultimate Gift Spoils from Cattelan Italia

The season of giving is almost here. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift spoil for yourself or a loved one, the latest collections from Cattelan Italia are breathtakingly beautiful. Now available from Maldini in South Africa.

All around the world, Cattelan Italia furniture is synonymous with stylish sophistication and irresistible glamour. Launched by designer Giorgio Cattelan in 1979, the Cattelan brand quickly established a reputation for bold, eye-catching designs and innovative use of materials. Today, Cattelan Italia is one of the most recognizable names in high-end Italian design and is present in more than 100 countries.

Throughout its 40+ years of existence, the company has teamed up with leading international designers, with the likes of Philip Jackson, Andrea Lucatello, Oshino and Piero De Longhi designing some of the most famous pieces of Cattelan Italia furniture. Their creations, therefore, possess a unique expressive character. This is capable of seamlessly enhancing any living space but also of standing alone as bona fide works of art.

Here are 6 luxurious pieces to consider from Cattelan Italia…


This beautifully sleek mirror comes in two variations – a wall or floor mirror. Mirrored or fumé mirrored glass is framed in synthetic leather or soft leather for a modern look. This will subsequently make for a statement piece above an entryway or console table.


The Camelot wall mirror embodies the iconic knight in shining armour, associated with the legendary King Arthur and his castle named Camelot. Reminiscent of a shield, the mirror is truly spectacular and features a mirrored frame that gives it a multi-dimensional effect. Thanks to the use of only the best materials, it is therefore sustainable for years to come.


Living up to its name, the Cloud Table Lamp does take on the shape of a cloud but it is more transparent than cottony. It recalls to mind bubbles that are caught in midair. The shade is made of Iride glass. Furthermore, it comes in a ceiling lamp version too.


Baban designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia is a pendant lamp with a frame made of black chrome steel. The lampshade is transparent, in a smoked and orange borosilicate glass. It therefore makes for statement illumination in any setting.


The Cloudine pendant light reinterprets surrealism with utmost enchantment. Manufactured in Italy and designed by Oriano Favaretto for Cattelan Italia, the light fixture resembles a floating cloud to bring a touch of nature inside. Whether it is hung alone or in stunning groupings, it subsequently adds dazzling style to a modern home. The pendant light looks wonderful placed above a table or counter.


The Excalibur mirror by Cattelan Italia is simple yet full of character. It features a sleek three-dimensional profile. Perfect for over a fireplace or buffet, it subsequently elevates the room’s style and adds posh appeal. Hang it alone or in stunning groupings for versatile visual effects.


Find these and more now available locally at Maldini.


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