Casarredo: Your Guide To Transitional Style

SA Décor - April 20, 2018

The term “transitional design” is often used by interior designers to reflect a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements — essentially, combi …

Nicolson Russell Presents A Whole New Range of Crockery

SA Décor - April 19, 2018

Nicolson Russell is proud to announce its new crockery range for 2018. Inspired by beautiful locations from around the world, each collection boasts u …

Kare Design’s Cocktail Collection is Totally Retro

SA Décor - April 18, 2018

Every now and then we get a design style reborn from eras past. A moment captured from a time long ago with the colours, shapes and design elements th …

Vox Furniture: Design A Customised Study With Our Top Picks

SA Décor - April 18, 2018

What could inspire more than a gorgeous, neat and organised study? And a clever desk with built-in pen holders? Try not to work too hard, will you? Vo …

Create a Personal Oasis with an Outdoor Shower

SA Décor - April 17, 2018

Create a haven at home with your own personal oasis and a zen-like outdoor shower for the ultimate indulgence. Imagine the sounds of flowing water, wh …

The Modern Home Company Takes The Inside Out with Crossover Dining

SA Décor - April 12, 2018

In 2018, the designer’s two key ingredients of form and function have been joined by a third: versatility. According to The Modern Home Company, luxur …

Kare Design: Elements & Studio Divani

SA Décor - April 12, 2018

One of the leading trend shows of Kare Design, under the category of Elegance, ‘Elements: Strength From Nature’ has a focus on archaic furniture made …

Casarredo: Introducing Featured Artist Mike Hammer

SA Décor - April 11, 2018

Mike Hammer’s work ignites riveting sparks of colour, texture, and movement. “My aim is to produce vibrant and original non-representational works of …

Plascon House Tour: Colourful Abode

SA Décor - April 11, 2018

Colourful design is not always easy to get right in stylish interiors. Too little colour and a home may feel sterile and uninteresting. Too much colou …

Duravit: A Focus on Furniture

SA Décor - April 10, 2018

With numerous new products, including two new furniture series and technological developments, Duravit continues to set trends for the future while fo …

Elevate the Style of Your Bathroom with a Shower Screen

SA Décor - April 9, 2018

The shower is more than just a functional area in the home. Today it is a place of tranquillity, style and relaxation – that one spot in your home whe …

Go Green With Our Guide To The Ultimate In Rooftop Living

SA Décor - April 7, 2018

Urban living and skyscraper apartments call for new ways to embrace outdoor living and the beauty of nature. The latest trend mesmerises with stunning …

Streamlight: Pick-n-Mix Lighting

SA Décor - April 6, 2018

In striking coloured glass shades to complement your interiors, Streamlight brings us a playful range of lighting from Rothschild & Bickers. The P …

Noxi Ntshaba is The New Face of #SHFDefineYourself

SA Décor - April 3, 2018

There simply isn’t another Noxi Ntshaba. Elegant, bright and empowered, SHF’s ambassador for April shares a pared-down uncomplicated style with the br …

OKHA Introduces The Bijou Table

SA Décor - April 1, 2018

Designed by OKHA and produced in Cape Town by skilled artisans with a fine appreciation for beautiful furniture, the all-new Bijou Table is a true evo …

Plascon House Tour: Farmhouse Living

SA Décor - March 31, 2018

The truth is, nothing says a crisp, light and modern interior better than an all-white canvas from which to work. This is pretty evident in today’s go …

SAOTA’s Stylish New Bora Headquarters in Spain

SA Décor - March 17, 2018

This relaxed resort-style home and work environment, a short flight from Germany, blends into its surrounding bucolic landscape through its use of for …

CORE: Innovative Outdoor Sofas From Varaschin

SA Décor - February 27, 2018

Outdoor furniture and especially comfortable couches to lounge on and enjoy the sunshine are often a great idea in theory. Our biggest fear, however, …

Sol Kerzner Develops An Eco-Aware Luxury Estate

SA Décor - February 15, 2018

Sun City founder and hotel magnate Sol Kerzner is on a mission and has just unveiled his latest creation, alongside his daughter, Andrea. The newest p …

Setting Trends At Design Indaba 2018

SA Décor - February 6, 2018

The highlight of South Africa’s creative calendar since 1995, the annual Design Indaba Conference is back! Known as the best design conference in the …

Casarredo: Roberto Cavalli’s Jungle & Glam-Chic Inspirations

SA Décor - January 31, 2018

Naturalistic inspirations, unexpected chromatic games and references to the 60s – the new Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors collection is a seductive mix …

Maison et Objet weaves its magic

SA Décor - January 31, 2018

Last week The Modern Home Company visited Paris to bring you the best of home design at Maison et Objet. So what’s hot, happening and on trend for 201 …

Cara Saven: Embracing The Tropical Trend

SA Décor - January 25, 2018

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, tropical influences continue to make their mark on the world of interior design. From glorious wallpaper …

Go Industrial Chic in the Dining Room

SA Décor - January 19, 2018

It’s rustic, urban and edgy and this is why we love Industrial chic design in the home. From glorious light pendants to stainless steel finishes, leat …

Set Up Kitchen

SA Décor - January 18, 2018


House Tour: Swedish Country

SA Décor - January 18, 2018


Plascon House Tour: Mansion

SA Décor - January 17, 2018

xxx Via


SA Décor - January 16, 2018


Plascon Home Tour: Casual Home

SA Décor - January 16, 2018

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Go Bold and Unique with Your Festive Hosting

SA Décor - December 24, 2017

Christmas is the time to bring out your quality linen and tableware and impress your guests with your immaculate cooking skills. It’s a time of celebr …


SA Décor - September 28, 2015

Wow! This contemporary interior is truly a delight for the eyes. We are obsessed with the vibrant turquoise floors and modern design elements such as …

Country style entertaining

SA Décor - August 14, 2015

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start prepping an area for outdoor entertaining in style. These country-inspired alfresco …

Victorian sophistication

SA Décor - August 13, 2015

This renovated Victorian home is as sophisticated as they come. Complete with subtle industrial-inspired charm, we love the mix of brass, timber and m …


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