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Plascon Launches Its Favourite Hue For 2020

The wait is finally over as Plascon reveals its much anticipated Favourite Hue for 2020. Capturing the beauty of this present moment, with sustainable living and environmental concerns so heavily on all of our minds, their selection is everything we could have hoped for and more! 

Introducing Mulberry Leaf

As the world is seeing a rise in the search for wellness, from our obsession with plant-parenting to the growing concern over the environment, there’s no doubt that nature is on our minds more than ever before. It is with this in mind that Plascon has selected Mulberry Leaf (G1-C1-1) as their Favourite Hue for 2020.

Not only are we craving new ways to go green in our everyday lives, but we are loving the deeper and vegetable tones of this colour. Mulberry Leaf helps us drown out the noise and chaos surrounding us every day and allows us to reconnect with nature again.

How to use Plascon’s #FavouriteHue2020 …


Create a dramatic statement and cocoon yourself in your interior by painting your walls in 2020’s hottest tone. Alternatively, you can use the colour as a statement wall. Compliment the feature wall with a warm neutral as a larger part of the space (Cream of Mushroom 32) and add golden tones (Gold Cadillac Y3-B1-1) as an accent.

Embracing Imperfections …

Plascon’s Favourite Hue for 2020 is about embracing imperfections, is well balanced, sensible and invites escapism. The trend is to move away from overly refined designed spaces and create spacious-yet-slightly-imperfect rooms. With Plascon’s Favourite Hue the results are beautiful, calming and authentic to your needs.

However you decide to use Mulberry Leaf (G1-C1-1), together with Plascon’s inspired and coordinated palettes, it will be sure to create a space that instantly feels fresh and contemporary.

Beauty abounds with Mulberry Leaf and Plascon.



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