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Kare Design: Say Yes To Conversational Side Tables

Today we are talking tables… conversational side tables… and how these can make or break your room. Kare Design keeps it interesting with an array of quirky and unconventional tables that will certainly be a talking point in your interior.

When it comes to selecting furniture, we often are more meticulous with those larger pieces that take up the most room in our homes. From the couch to the dining table, these statement furniture items are often the staples in our space. However, smaller accent tables such as the humble side or coffee table should not be overlooked. These can actually make or break the overall design scheme of your room.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing a side table…

  • You can afford to be playful and go for something unconventional when it comes to a side or coffee table to anchor the room. Go bold and choose a non-traditional colour or material to add contrast and drama to your space.
  • Size matters. Tables come in an array of sizes and shapes. Be sure to choose a table to suit your room. Larger side tables may overwhelm a smaller space, but this will depend on the layout of your room and the placement of all the furniture in the space. Measure up and invest in the right piece to complement the size and shape of your room.

Some of our favourite conversational side tables from Kare Design include:

  • Meerkat Sisters: A meerkat rarely comes alone – the cute animals are known for their wide-awake nature and intrepid curiosity, with which they repeatedly get themselves into extraordinary situations. This also includes their function as a side table. As a pair the two meerkats hold up the table top and manage to look so mischievous that it is a real pleasure to accept their help. The Meerkat Sisters side table can be used in an imaginatively furnished reading nook or as a decorative accessory for plants.
  • The Grid Gold Coffee Table: A modern side table and coffee table with the wow effect! Not only does it add a golden sheen and chic to the living room, the net look with the glass top also plays excitingly with graphic 3D effects and round shapes.
  • Roots: An attractive coffee table that combines elegance with natural charm. The root-shaped frame is made of natural teak and carries a top of ESG safety glass. Each piece is unique.
  • Coffee Table Railway: Real Railway romanticism on four wheels – The railways were the inspiration for this wonderfully rustic coffee table for individualists. An all-round exceptional piece of furniture. The well-worn surface with its cracks consists of old hardwood planks while the frame is made of robust cast steel. A coffee table with soul which spreads passion and joy. Guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher in your home. The recycled hardwood (shala, sadard, bia and haldu trees) is impregnated and treated with wax. Further Railway articles available.

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