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Cecil Nurse: First Impressions Count

How you design your reception area says a lot about your business.  So, whether you’re a large company with refurbished offices or a growing start-up, you need to be clever about how you design your reception area because it must be both elegant and functional to do its job properly.

Let’s start with the reception counter.  This is the face of your workplace, it’s what your visitors will judge you by first; it must inspire trust, professionalism, and success to clients, new employees and investors.

A quick rule of thumb is to choose a front desk size proportional to your reception area. If you have a small space, get a small desk.  If you have a large space, get a large counter.

It’s all about creating balance.  Your reception desk should be the first thing your visitors see but still leave enough room for soft seating areas and a good flow of foot traffic between the entrance and the offices inside.

The size of your reception desk will also depend on how many receptionists you employ.  Depending on how busy your office gets, your receptionists need to have ample space for all their work.

You want the face of your workplace to be warm and welcoming, which means that your reception desk design should convey your company values in a professional and courteous manner.  Whether it’s service, transparency, commitment, or diversity, both your desk and your receptionist must create an experience for your visitors that they’ll resonate with.

Think about how your reception counter will fit in with the décor of the space and the nature of the business.  Salons and spas, for example, may prefer natural wood tones to match their soft lighting.  Hotels and financial offices lobbies, on the other hand, normally go for something more opulent like granite or marble.  Such a reception desk may not, however, work for a techie start-up, law firm or a security company.

The second part of choosing the right reception desk is ensuring that your receptionist is comfortable and productive. No matter how beautiful it looks to your visitors, it is still a functional piece of furniture that must allow your staff to manage everyday tasks.

Per the rules of ergonomics, the desk height should allow your receptionist to work upright comfortably with their elbows making a 90-degree angle to the counter.  You’ll want to also look up ergonomic reception chairs at this juncture.

Ample storage is a must-have for reception desks.  Even though the higher table can cover the receptionists’ workspace and give them some privacy, extra space is always necessary to help them stay organised.

If you are looking for the perfect reception desk for your business, a professional Cecil Nurse sales consultant can advise what’s best for your requirements.  Not only do we have an incredible range of reception desks in stock, we also deliver nationally (including Namibia and Botswana), and have expert installation teams at your disposal.

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