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Crafting Tradition: The Adorned x Barrydale Hand Weavers Collaboration

Crafting Tradition: The Adorned x Barrydale Hand Weavers Collaboration Set to Debut in March 2024

The genesis of The Adorned x Barrydale Hand Weavers collaboration emerged from a serendipitous encounter between Artist Nastasha Sale and Arran, the visionary behind Barrydale Hand Weavers.

Their initial dialogue, sparked by a shared reverence for traditional artisanal crafts, swiftly evolved into a vibrant conversation on melding their respective expertise into a collaborative endeavour.

Both brands, deeply rooted in the ethos of preserving time-honoured techniques, found common ground in their dedication to hand-weaving and block-printing. This convergence of values laid the foundation for a unique synergy, culminating in a bespoke collection of contemporary table linen that harmonises tradition with innovation.

Scheduled for unveiling on the 21st of March 2024, the launch marks not only the debut of their collaborative table linen but also an exhibition showcasing artworks that seamlessly intertwine handwoven textiles with intricate block-printed designs.

At the helm of The Adorned stands Nastasha Sale, a versatile artist whose eponymous brand champions the art of hand-dyeing and block-printing. Her creations, characterised by small-batch productions and hues derived from nature, serve as a testament to her commitment to preserving the craft of block printing in an era dominated by digital proliferation.

Nastasha’s anticipation for this collaboration is palpable, fuelled by her admiration for the Barrydale Hand Weavers brand and the prospect of introducing their joint creation to the world. For her, this partnership signifies more than just a collaboration; it embodies a collective effort to elevate and perpetuate the legacy of artisanal craftsmanship in an increasingly mechanised landscape.

As the countdown to the launch begins, excitement mounts, promising a celebration of craftsmanship, creativity, and the enduring beauty of human touch.

For more visit Barrydale Hand Weavers.

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