Why choose REHAU’s uPVC systems for your windows and doors?

Informed decisions are necessary when one has to make sound investments for the structure and integrity of a home. Without proper information, the decision-making process becomes much more challenging and potential clients run the risk of investing in sub par items.

Your windows and doors are the entry points to your home which are used the most. Investing in solid products are the key to a multitude of benefits including security, insulation and sturdy design. Rehau‘s range of uPVC windows and doors open up to a world of difference when it comes to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the uncompromising features you should look at when choosing your product:

1. Security

Security is arguably the most important factor in making a decision. Crime is a reality faced by most homeowners. Prevention is most certainly the priority here. A multi-point locking system of the uPVC range ensures that your windows or doors are impenetrable to external force. In addition, this compatible with all the shoot bolts and security hinges available in the South African market. Being fire-proof and self-extinguishable means that your property and family members are kept safe and secure in the case of fires.

2. Durability

Everyone wants a product that is strong and durable. Made to last, the high performance PVC encourages a long-lasting and weather-resistant outcome while maintaining a high gloss finish for years. No maintenance means that cleaning is easy- any window cleaner can be applied with minimal effort. The hardware need only be oiled once a year at the most.

3. Insulation

Insulation from external noise and pollution is another important factor. It is a requirement for windows and doors to protect your home from outside influences. Moreover, uPVC traps heat inside for those cold winter days with the choice of single or double glazing.

4. Energy Saving

Sustainable energy practice is necessary in today’s society. Preserving the earth’s limited resources is dependent on choosing products that are certified energy saving targets required in SANS 204 can be met. Supported by the South African Building Council, Rehau uPVC windows and doors seem the obvious choice.

Whatever your home requirements, Rehau have a comprehensive supply of quality products that help you make the best choice. Visit them on https://www.rehau.com/za-en for more information and peace of mind. 


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