American Shutters: All The Single Ladies…

According to research, more and more women are choosing to live in or buy property on their own. Perhaps it is because women are getting married later in life or that women in most countries are finally being afforded the same financial and legal rights as men have or perhaps it is because women generally live longer than their male partners. Whatever the reason, women need to ensure that their security needs are well addressed, especially in South Africa where 20% of women have experienced some sort of physical violence.

This Women’s Day month AMERICAN shutters offers the following security tips for all the single ladies out there.

  1. Windows and doors are your security hot spots; you need to have effective security barriers to prevent unwelcome intruders from getting into your home. But living with closed doors and windows all the time is not only unpleasant, it is also unhealthy. Sunlight and natural ventilation keep a home fresh and improve air quality. By installing effective safety features on these openings, you can leave windows and doors open when so desired.

Security Shutters have the added benefit of light and privacy control,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “With a simple tilt of the louvres, shutters direct or block out natural light and provide complete privacy, nullifying the need for additional window finishes such as blinds or curtains.

AMERICAN shutters’ aluminium Security Shutters have the same design aesthetic as their timber shutters and are far more attractive than traditional security gates and burglar bars.

2. Good lighting, surveillance cameras and back-up when you need it are your top three priorities in securing your home. Ensure that all entry and exit points to your property are well lit and if possible covered by a security camera. Have an alarm installed and linked to a reputable armed response company in your area. Interesting fact; it is estimated that 88% of home burglars would not attack a home that has a surveillance camera system.


3. Your neighbours can be your greatest look-out and emergency contact. Get to know your direct neighbours, swop contact information and discuss how you can assist each other in terms of home security. Consider joining your local neighbourhood watch or at least follow their security alerts and suggestions.

4. Inviting strangers into your home to do maintenance and or repairs is inevitable, but it is also risky if you do not manage it properly. When confirming a booking with an electrician, plumber or delivery company, ensure you speak to an authorised person to get accurate times and the number and names of the people you should expect. Have a family member or friend be present with you at these times if possible.

5. Unfortunately, women living on their own are seen as soft targets by criminals. Don’t give them any help by sharing information that could compromise your safety. Use social media wisely and don’t post photographs showing your home’s access points and or security, and most importantly don’t publicise when you are home and when you are out. It is also a good idea to not follow the same routine, mix things up by inviting friends around and socialising at home.

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