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No matter the weather – REHAU has you covered!

As we quickly move from Autumn into Winter, temperatures are dropping, heaters and electric blankets are being switched on and the Winter wardrobe is now a firm favourite.  Time to get ready for the cold weather!

June to August are our coldest months, with many areas experiencing freezing temperatures and below in the evening. The South African weather bureau has indicated that there seems to be a higher chance of colder conditions occurring over the north east of the country, with warmer conditions over the south west. Thank goodness no matter the season, at REHAU we have you in mind. REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors will help you save on energy costs, lowering the amount you need to spend on heating your home.  Heat built up in your homes using heaters, doesn’t escape with our single and double glazed windows and doors.

They are also low maintenance, so never require sanding, painting or varnishing and will never rot or warp, giving you more time and money to relax and enjoy life! With the chilly conditions we spend more time at home and on our electric devices, like the TV, computer and mobile phone, not forgetting those energy hungry heaters. So what else can you do to save on your electricity bill?  The team at REHAU suggests the following energy saving tips:

Go solar

change from a regular geyser to a solar geyser. This is usually largest appliance in the home, switching to a solar powered heater will dramatically cut down the cost of your electricity

Check the insulation of your house

Poor insulation is the main source of thermal heat loss in homes in South Africa

Change your regular heater into saving energy heater

Check how much the wattage your current heater uses. You may consider installing an energy saving electric heater with thermostats.

Use your heater only in family room or lounge –

This will also encourage family members to spend more time together. One of the advantages of Winter!

Warm the bed with an electric blanket-

Yes please!  What is better than getting into a warm bed on a cold winters evening. You don’t need to switch it on all night, just about two hours before you sleep. We hope these tips will help you save money and keep you warm in Winter!  

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