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Travel May 21, 2024

Unique & Organic: AMAALA Yacht Club in Saudi Arabia

AMAALA’s new Yacht Club is a striking development with a fascinating free-flowing structure that delivers a one-of-a-kind meeting point between land and sea.

Dewan Architects + Engineers, a leading force in architectural innovation, proudly reaffirms its unyielding commitment to the AMAALA Yacht Club project, set within AMAALA, the integrated wellness haven being developed by Red Sea Global (RSG) on the north-western coast of Saudi Arabia.

Dewan’s role as the lead consultant on the Yacht Club has been comprehensive, overseeing the project’s journey from conceptual design to the issuance of construction documents. Leveraging advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, Dewan has ensured a streamlined and efficient design process. The firm further facilitated unparalleled collaboration among consultants and stakeholders. This modern approach has optimized project delivery. It has ultimately set a new benchmark in architectural design and construction management.

A challenging design brought to life

Designed by HKS with interiors by ROAM, the Yacht Club’s unique, organic geometric shape posed significant design challenges, navigated through BIM. Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Design Manager at Dewan, explained Dewan’s commitment to innovation and contemporary design solutions, as evidenced in the AMAALA Yacht Club project, which is set to be completed in 2025.

“To meet challenges, one must be innovative and contemporary. This has been exemplified during our work on the AMAALA Yacht Club, which features a unique, curved, organic geometric shape,” said Mohammed Ibrahim. “We utilised modern systems in architectural design and construction, specifically Building Information Modelling (BIM), to accomplish all design stages efficiently. By linking all building information into a unified environment (BIM Collaborate Pro), the team has been able to achieve rapid collaboration and coordination among project stakeholders.”

During the schematic design stage, the Dewan design team focused on modeling the project’s facade and converting all curved complex geometry into a Revit environment. Later they proceeded to manage multidisciplinary coordination. In the detailed design stage, Revit was utilised to model the interior design. This also encompassed lighting and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment). Lastly, during the tender stage, comprehensive documentation was created using BIM Collaborate Pro. This was used to facilitate the tendering process for the project, which is targeting LEED Platinum certification.

An organic and distinct shape

“By transferring the building geometry elements into the Revit environment and assigning them appropriate parameters, the design team effectively addressed the challenge posed by the unique shape,” said Christopher Stock, Head of BIM Operations. “The views features of Autodesk tools were employed to engineer and coordinate the construction of various building shape assemblies.”

Through leveraging BIM Collaborate Pro, Revit, and Navisworks during the design of the Yacht Club, the Dewan design team reported substantial time savings. They recorded an average overall time saving of 43% during collaboration, 17% during design, and 28% during change management. Additionally, they achieved a 40% time saving in design collaboration.

With the first phase of AMAALA, the Triple Bay masterplan, set to open its doors to guests in 2025, Dewan is proud to be associated with AMAALA Yacht Club and lead modern, innovative approaches in architectural design and construction management. Currently under construction, phase one introduces eight resorts with over 1,200 hotel keys, paving the way for an expansive development offering over 3,800 hotel rooms and 1,200 luxury residential units. AMAALA’s integrated experiences, from health and wellness to arts and culture, promise a guest experience without parallel.

About Dewan Architects + Engineers

Dewan Architects + Engineers is a global, multidisciplinary design consultancy firm founded in 1984 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The firm employs over 600 professionals across offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Iraq.

The ethos is driven by a commitment to quality and design excellence. “We take pride in closely collaborating with our clients to bring their ideas to life, designing award-winning projects across multiple sectors, including hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, cultural, education, and master planning. Our vision is rooted in a desire to shape the world through innovative design, sustainable practices, and transformative experiences that stand the test of time. We believe architecture should create environments that inspire, uplift, and enhance the lives of people and communities.”

Taking a holistic approach to design, Dewan Architects + Engineers prioritize sensitivity to local context and location at each stage of the process, utilizing the latest architectural thought and technology.

Today, their services extend to architecture, engineering, interior design, landscaping, master planning, sustainability, cost consultancy, and construction supervision, establishing us as a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

Visit dewan-architects.com to discover more about the firm and this amazing project.

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