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Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens with Clay Bricks and Pavers

Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens with Clay Bricks and Pavers

Image courtesy of Diane Licht Landscape Architect

Small gardens can be rather challenging in terms of landscaping. Knowing how to make the most out of the space you have and how to incorporate all your dream features into it takes clever planning and creative thinking. And this is especially true when it comes to working with clay bricks and pavers.

But since challenges are what inspire us to come up with new and interesting ideas, we’ve enlisted the help of local masonry masters, Corobrik, and asked them to round up a few examples of what you can do with clay bricks and pavers in small gardens. Here’s what they had to share…

Raised Brick Planters


Want to create different levels to add interest to your small garden? Raised brick planters work really well when it comes to neatly dividing your garden into sections and layering it up with varied heights (see Corobrik’s guide to building a raised brick vegetable bed for a little help).

Brick Water Feature

Image courtesy of Ryan Hughes Photography

Water features can instantly add an air of sophistication and serenity to an outdoor area. And luckily there are loads of brick water feature designs to choose from, so finding a design that works for your small space shouldn’t be too difficult.

Patched Pathways

Image courtesy of Andrew Renn Design

You don’t need a ‘mountain’ of clay pavers to create a scenic walkway or garden path. And this design proves it! By simply planning out squares of brick pavers, spaced out in a basket weave pattern, you can bring down costs and build eye-catching pathways.

Brick Bird Bath


If you’re a bird lover and want to add in something for your feathered friends, then you can’t go wrong with a brick bird bath. Simple to build and sparing on space, this feature will ensure your small garden is filled with the music of birds chirping in the background.

Brick Bench Seating


Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t make a bit of room to entertain your friends outdoors. Brick benches are the perfect solution to maximizing the number of guests you can seat outside.

How would you use clay bricks and pavers in your small garden? We’d love to hear your perspective on working with masonry materials in tiny spaces, so please fill our comment box with your awesome ideas.

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