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5 Reasons To Choose Face Brick Boundary Walls

5 Reasons To Choose Face Brick Boundary Walls

Are you updating your home security with a new boundary wall, but aren’t sure which building material to use? Why not consider clay face brick?

As one of the most sought-after boundary wall materials in South Africa, face brick is extremely popular for a reason – or perhaps several!

We’ve teamed up with leading masonry manufacturer, Corobrik, and rounded up a few of the most notable benefits of face brick boundary walls below to help you decide if it’s the right walling material for you.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Face brick’s inherent properties such as colour fastness, durability and resistance to weathering will ensure that your home wall will look great for years to come – and that’s with minimal maintenance. If you live near a main road and your home walls get dirty quickly, then you’ll appreciate the fact that this walling material naturally masks dirt with its earthy undertones.

  1. Excellent Privacy

Don’t want passerby’s peeking into your home and screening its contents? Perhaps you want to sunbathe in your garden without feeling eyes burning into the back of your skull? Whatever the case may be, face brick boundary walls provide unmatched privacy.

  1. Design Flexibility

Besides being available in loads of different colours, textures and finishes (satin, travertine, rustic, smooth) – giving you the freedom to mix and match to suit your design tastes – face brick is also a very amenable building material. This means that is easy to work with and create a variety of different structural shapes or patterns (just like Lego!). So, whether you want to add a few curves into your boundary wall or experiment with a few different brick bond patterns to add in some visual interest, you have the flexibility to do almost anything you can dream up.

  1. Added Value

Adding a face brick boundary wall to your home will most certainly increase its value (this is because it is such a popular and quality walling material). This makes it a great investment, especially if you have plans to sell in future.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

These days the environment needs to be considered in all we do, and that includes the building of boundary walls. Being able to source a material that’s widely available throughout South Africa and is as natural as the earth itself (seeing as it is made from clay) is a huge bonus for the environment. This is due to the fact that there is no need to import any walling components, adding unnecessary carbon emissions from lengthy transportation, and the fact that face brick does not release any volatile organic compounds which have the potential to harm the environment.


These are just some of the reasons why face brick is arguably South Africa’s most loved walling material. The list of benefits for face brick boundary walls is almost endless! But we hope these 5 benefits will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your home.


Contact your nearest Corobrik Centre and speak to a consultant if you’d like expert assistance with your boundary wall.

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