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Creative Brick Bond Patterns To Add Interest To Your Building Project

Creative Brick Bond Patterns To Add Interest To Your Building Project

Image Courtesy of Hiroyuki Oki

As far as building materials go, brick may be common but the way you choose to pattern it doesn’t have to be! So, whether you’re working on an exposed brick feature wall, a reclaimed brick landscaping structure or a face brick façade, you may want to explore some brick bond patterns other than the typical running bond pattern if you want your building project to have the visual edge.

These 4 bricklaying techniques, selected by Corobrik, will help you reimagine the ways you can work with brick (and perhaps they might even bring out the creativity of your younger self who used to play with Lego for hours on end).

The Hit And Miss Technique

Image Courtesy of John Gollings

The hit and miss brick technique, also known as perforated brickwork, creates a striking end result that will leave viewers mesmerised. The method of removing every other brick can be beneficial when it comes to improving a building’s ventilation and can leave room for many playful lighting possibilities when used for applications such as facades.

Sawtooth Patterns

Image Courtesy of MAD Photogallery

Brick bond patterns such as the sawtooth technique, demand immediate attention with their distinctively sharp angles and edgy profiles. We love how this creative sawtooth pattern cleverly reproduces the image of fallen dominos!

Herringbone Brickwork


Reminiscent of the bones of a Herring fish, this brick bond is super easy to spot! With its structurally sound bond, this pattern can be used in multiple interior and exterior applications to break up visual monotony and enhance any exposed brick design.

The Basket Weave Bond


Not all brick bond patterns have to be overly complicated. Bonds like the basket weave, which require the smallest of efforts in implementing, can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of a structure. Mixing this pattern with a common pattern like the running bond, can go a long way to transforming your building project from dull to decorative.

Now that you’ve added more brick bond patterns to your design vocabulary, we hope that you’re ready to try a few out and discover the wonderful potential of brick! But before you do, be sure to source some quality bricks from Corobrik, South Africa’s leading masonry manufacturer.

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