Expand Design Possibilities With Corobrik’s Special Shaped Bricks

Expand Design Possibilities With Corobrik’s Special Shaped Bricks

Image: imperialhandmadebricks.co.uk

Looking for that little something extra to make your next face brick building project stand out? Perhaps you should consider using Corobrik’s special shaped bricks. These exceptional bricks open up a whole new world of possibilities for architects and designers and give them endless design freedom and flexibility.

Whether you want to give your face brick structure a distinctive look or simply refine its forms and finishes, you’re sure to find the right brick for the job at Corobrik. With options that allow you to choose from stock of the most popular special shaped bricks and give you the possibility to order purpose-made shapes and sizes, there’s no challenge too big for South Africa’s best-known brick manufacturer.

But now that you know you can get just about any shape possible, the question of how these bricks can be used demands some attention.  To give you a basic idea, we’ve listed 3 of the more well-known special shaped bricks along with a few of their applications.


3 Special Shaped Bricks To Give Your Face Brick Project The Edge

1.Bullnose Bricks

Image: chandlermaterials.co.uk


Recognised by their curved edges or rounded convex trim, bullnose bricks such as the double bullnose, single bullnose and bullnose header, are commonly used for feature brickwork that requires a radius (corner details, window or door reveals and pier work). This popular special shaped brick also works really well for capping or for edging kerbs, and is especially useful when it comes to creating a seamless visual transition between square and curved elements.


Get a better look at the Bullnose Brick here.


2.Cant Bricks

Image: ibstockbrick.co.uk

The angled edges of Cant bricks are perfect for creating crisp, clean lines and help give design elements that polished and professional look. Application examples include corner details, window or door reveals, pier work and capping.


Get a better look at the Cant Brick here.


3.Plinth Bricks

Image: ketley-brick.co.uk

If hard lines are what you’re after in your design, then Plinth bricks are perfect! This type of brick is extremely popular for detailing or for creating a base, and can be used in many creative ways. Returns, window sills, corbelling details, kerbs and capping are often constructed with this special shaped brick.

Get a better look at the Plinth Brick here.

Want to learn more about how you can use special shaped bricks to give your design a distinctive look? Contact one of our consultants for advise.



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