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Face Brick Entrance Ideas For Your Home

Face Brick Entrance Ideas For Your Home

Image courtesy of Katherine Lu

 Designing your dream face brick home and want every detail to be just right – including your front entrance? Perhaps you’re adding on a brick overhang to protect you from rain while you fumble for your keys? Whatever the reason for your interest in face brick entrance ideas, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to leave a lasting impression on your guests as they enter through your front door.

Here are three truly beautiful examples of face brick entrances, handpicked by Corobrik, that will help you frame the ‘face’ of your home with a unique and eye-catching design.

Elegance Embodied in Brick

Image courtesy of Emily Jenkins Followill Photography

If you’d like to carry a traditional, elegant and timeless look through, from the front to back of your home, then a light, subdued face brick with a natural range of hues would be your best option.

You could use Corobrik’s Golden Wheat, Travertine face brick to recreate this look.

An Ornamental Face Brick Outline

Image courtesy of Windsor Companies

For those that have a decorative front door worthy of admiration, it may be a good idea to consider embellishing it with face brick detailing. What better way to draw attention to your artistic entrance then with a fanciful brick outline? The earthy undertone of clay brick will work as an excellent complement to dark-wood doors.

Get the look with Corobrik’s Nevada Travertine face brick.

Contemporary Meets Classic

Image: brickitpro.com


As this design clearly demonstrates, face brick entrances don’t have to be monotone. By using contemporary black brick alongside classic red brick, you can create dramatic and daring contrasts that will certainly liven up your entryway!

Try out Corobrik’s trendy black brick with Village Antique, Travertine if you’d like to achieve this style.

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