Style Your Kitchen with Exposed Face Brick



If you plan to restyle or build a face brick home and haven’t given much thought to what you want to do with your kitchen yet, then you may want to consider leaving your kitchen walls exposed to reveal the bare beauty of face brick!


While exposed brick kitchens may be a little unconventional, they possess a raw charm that can’t be matched and lend themselves to a number of different design styles – their design limits really depend on your imagination.


After browsing through the 5 kitchen design styles below, you might just want to throw the paint roller away and leave your whole house exposed!


5 Kitchen Design Styles that Embrace the Beauty of Exposed Face Brick



With a dominant white colour palette, earthy elements such as wood and clay brick and an understated elegance, this kitchen flaunts its Scandinavian roots. What’s really great about this design is that it avoids the clinical dangers of a white colour palette by incorporating a hearty red brick feature wall into the design.



Image courtesy of Dawn Hearn Interior Designs

Characteristic features such as the open shelving, sliding barn door, and wooden finishes – matched with a few rough textures – give this design a strong farmhouse feel. The clay brick flooring and exposed face brick backsplash really add an authentic personality to this style and reinforce its laid-back nature.



‘Going back to the basics’ is what rustic design is all about, and this kitchen encapsulates this sentiment perfectly! By taking advantage of the heavy face-brick focus, this design embraces the idea that less is more and keeps luxury minimal.


Image courtesy of Muratore Construction & Design

 Exposed brick kitchens have become synonymous with industrial design style. With the rough, unfinished texture of face brick and its common use in industrial construction – such as the building of warehouses – it’s easy to see why. We’re not sure about you, but we’re crazy about how the unpolished concrete floor and the large aluminium windows offset the sleek modern finishes!



Image courtesy of Thompson Custom Homes

Keeping up with the times, this contemporary kitchen boasts eye-catching pendants, marble countertops and neutral colours. The design expertly makes use of the exposed face brick feature wall to create visual interest with a contrast in textures.

Now that you’ve seen all the creative design styles that you can achieve with exposed face brick, we hope you’re ready to channel your inner designer! Visit Corobrik to explore a variety of colours and textures and find the perfect face brick option for your kitchen.






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