Screen Division: How To Create A More Productive Team With An Open Plan Office

Let’s face it, the environments we work in every day can certainly help to boost our productivity levels, moods and overall well-being in the office. It needs to cater to various personalities and encourage teamwork, collaboration, and of course, focus to actually get your work done. So how do you create a productive space that works for everyone? Let’s take a look at some viable options to enhance your space.

Open Plan Spaces

Open plan offices are far more popular these days as staff can engage one another and work more effectively in a team setting. Instead of investing in singular offices that are limiting in terms of flow, space, and collaboration, an open plan space promotes open communication. However, it can also become a bit of a distraction with multiple personalities in one prime space.

You need to consider the layout very carefully and cater to the needs of the team collectively, as well as the individual members who will be working in this space.

Space planning is therefore key. With innovations such as screen dividers and office partitions, you can create an ideal working environment that offers privacy yet opportunity for teamwork in a big open plan office environment.

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Personalisation to suit your team

The great thing about developing an open plan office is the opportunity to customise the space according to the needs of your team. No longer are you confined to one set layout, but with innovations such as screen dividers, you can create movement and flow between workstations and still create symmetry with complementary screen dividers to suit your brand and enhance productivity in the office.

Screen Division was started in July 2016 and is being headed up by Roché Gaspar. Extruded aluminium components of the highest quality have been sourced and the necessary work area developed to supply exceptional quality screens at very competitive prices.

Take a closer look at the various options, colours and styles now on offer from the Screen Division team:

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